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Dh asked me to wait up

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Kingcyrolophosarus Tue 06-Nov-12 23:40:07

because he's not organised for a business trip tomorrow?!!
It's a day trip, not exactly sure how I can help?
He knows I'm feeling shit and had massive headache

I actually went to sleep with DS at 8, feel a bit better now

Kingcyrolophosarus Tue 06-Nov-12 23:41:24

And obviously he's still out
Out for a desk night out, he'll probably be pissed

AThingInYourLife Tue 06-Nov-12 23:46:04

Jesus, go to bed.

Why the fuck should you wait in for him to get in from a night out so you can organise him for a business trip.

You're not his ma.

chinley Tue 06-Nov-12 23:56:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TodaysAGoodDay Wed 07-Nov-12 00:04:29

Fuck him. He's grown up enough to look after himself. You're not his mother, for goodness sake go to bed and let him deal with his own stuff.

Kingcyrolophosarus Wed 07-Nov-12 01:43:23

He's just rolled in
Shouting and swearing, calling everyone and everything a cunt

Trazzletoes Wed 07-Nov-12 01:48:20

Sounds like a right charmer. I can't believe he wanted you to wait up til 1am to sort his stuff out for him so he could be off getting hammered! Echoing all the sentiments above. Sheesh... Hope you are ok, OP.

JessicaLub Wed 07-Nov-12 01:50:19

King. He sounds like a nasty drunk.
I myself am drunk; but I wouldn't shout or swear and call the whole world a cunt.
And it is abuse.
Do you feel safe ?

Kingcyrolophosarus Wed 07-Nov-12 01:54:48

He's asleep now, god knows how he is going to get up for his flight. But that's not my problem
My heart was in my mouth as he went past our bedroom door

I'm in with DS
Not scared, but anxious. Didn't want a row

Can't really live like this can I?

FatimaLovesBread Wed 07-Nov-12 01:56:09

What a tit, just go to bed! How is his business trip your problem?

And chinley your DH is disruptive in bed and stands on your pillow when he knows you need to sleep confused How old is he? If it were me I'd tell him to fuck off to the sofa

AdoraBell Wed 07-Nov-12 01:57:58

Fuck that, I don't wait up unless there is a geniune medical emergency, one not caused by alcohol. Hope you're okay, and fast asleep by now.

FatimaLovesBread Wed 07-Nov-12 01:58:54

No you can't. If he wasn't organised he should have come home at a reasonable hour, in a reasonable state and then maybe you could have given him a hand.
But to make you stay up then come home drunk and shouting, I'd tell him to go on his business trip and not come home until he thinks about how much of a twat and how disrespectful he is

AdoraBell Wed 07-Nov-12 02:01:23

No, King you shouldn't be living like this. Can you talk to him when he's sober?

Kingcyrolophosarus Wed 07-Nov-12 02:07:39

Yes, I'll talk to him when he's sober
But I know how it will go- "give me a break, I'm really stressed right now, can't I just blow off some steam"

Kingcyrolophosarus Wed 07-Nov-12 02:10:23

I didn't actually wait up, I went to bed at 8 with DS, then woke up at 11.30, now wide awake. Worrying

He will more than likely sleep in and miss flight tomorrow if I don't wake him up
I think he's supposed to leave at 5/6am

I know it's his problem, but would cause all sorts of shit at work

DontForgetTheLightAlesLawrence Wed 07-Nov-12 02:10:27

No, King, you can't live like this.

Have you thought what you want to do?

DontForgetTheLightAlesLawrence Wed 07-Nov-12 02:12:58


But what about all the shit that you put up with?

JessicaLub Wed 07-Nov-12 02:17:50

King. This is no life, is it ?
You need to vote with your feet; go anywhere/somewhere.

AdoraBell Wed 07-Nov-12 02:21:38

What I meant was can you have an adult conversation when he's sober? Seems not though. Have you ever told him to find another way of "blowing off steam" maybe without alcohol? My OH has a stressful job, as do a lot of people, but not everyone expects someone else to wait up and then rolls in drunk and aggressive, even if it is only verbal.

FatimaLovesBread Wed 07-Nov-12 02:24:08

It's not blowing off steam if he's being aggressive and potentially risking his job by (more than likely) not getting up for his flight

sparkleyangel Wed 07-Nov-12 02:25:35

and you will most likely wake him up like the good little wifey so it doesn't cause all sorts of shit at work wont you? Just to keep the peace.

Don't mean to be horrible but GET A GRIP let the sod take responsibility of his own drunken actions, might give him the kick up the arse he needs. He has no right to be treating you or your ds like this.

Kingcyrolophosarus Wed 07-Nov-12 02:25:56

He is out a lot, drinks a fair bit, but this is unusual

He was wasted, incoherent, mumbling, ranting
I think he phoned a few friends in the US,rambling.

Jessica, I dont have anywhere to go.
I'm miles away from family.
And I have no funds

JessicaLub Wed 07-Nov-12 02:27:12

I'm blowing off steam, very drunk.
I wouldn't dream of abusing my family.

Kingcyrolophosarus Wed 07-Nov-12 02:27:26

I'm not going to wake him tomorrow Sparkley, I swear

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 07-Nov-12 02:31:18

He was sober when he chose not to organise his business trip.
He was sober when he asked you to wait up.
And I'd presume he was sober when he made sure you had no funds.

Alcohol is not the problem here. sad

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