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I am impossible to live with and worried it is affecting DH

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BeyondGoesOffWithABigBang Sat 03-Nov-12 18:23:44

The last year hes been so run down, he works shifts and when he is off work he spends all of his time running round after me and the kids. sad

Im already diagnosed chronic depressed, waiting to see a psychiatrist to investigate bipolar due to almost psychotic irritability and lack of self control. My psoriasis is terrible which makes me feel awful, being investigated for psoriatic arthritis (really struggling with basic tasks, possibly am now actually physically "disabled" On top of being mentally broken). Sex life is awful as on top of Mh issues I have a rectocele since birth of DS1 (on waiting list to see gynae consultant too), and pretty much constant piles since DS2 was born 6m ago.
On the plus side, all this shit means I have lost three stone smile

Im not worried he doesnt love me or anything, if he didnt he would definitely have left by now!! Im worried im wearing him down. My body is really taking the piss out of "in sickness and in health" atm sad

I dont think this is anywhere near everything I meant to say, my brain is not right at the moment, so I'll add it as I remember. Not a dripfeeding troll, I promise!

Brodicea Sat 03-Nov-12 18:32:29

It's easy to say, but try not to add this to your burden at the moment - you'll get through this, and it will pass. If you keep feeling guilty then all the physical and mental symptoms will feel worse. If and when you feel up to it, find small ways to show him you still care (hard when depressed) and talk about it all if you feel able.

And maybe he is worn out - maybe you can arrange for someone to look after the kids while you two just relax? Or see if he can get some time doing the things he likes?

BeyondGoesOffWithABigBang Sat 03-Nov-12 19:17:02

I agree I need to spend time doing something for him. It always seems to fall down my list of priorities though, getting me up and about and looking after the two DCs seems to take all the oomf I can muster, with any spare time at all doing the bare essentials of the housework (and i really mean bare essentials - the dishes are usually done by DH when hes off work for example) i usually spend the time the DCs nap (eldest is 2.1 btw) sleeping too. I can never seem to get enough sleep.

BeyondGoesOffWithABigBang Sun 04-Nov-12 09:13:21

Just giving this a little bump for the morning people smile

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