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im unsure if my marriage is over

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deakymom Tue 30-Oct-12 17:36:06

i mean my husband does nothing but bitch at me (im nearly thirty weeks pregnant by the way and ive had sleep problems for oooh about thirty weeks this is relevant i think) so we decided to have another baby when my husband was working then he crashed the car and lost his job but it was okay because he had another job to go to as soon as the CRB came through so he was only out of work for five weeks now ive noticed that when he has a job he tends to beat me around the head with it as in i cant be expected to do --- because im working and im too tired im fine with that by the way but i cant take the wheelie bin out as it is too heavy for me when im pregnant and i also ask him to get the lawn mower out for me which he has buried under tool boxes i cant lift unless ive been weight training i dont ask him to mow the lawn or get the bin back but anyway he lost his job after three months ( a couple of weeks ago) and since then he has done nothing but have a go at me and scream at me saying im nagging him im honestly baffled i do everything for him im chief cook and bottle washer as they say but since he has lost his job ive asked him to do a couple of things for me like not drop sweet and crisp packets all over the floor for me to collect as i have SPD and its quite painful for me to keep on grovelling on the floor all the time ive also asked him to put his clothes away he lets me wash them iron them put them upstairs then he chuck's them on the floor and then they end up back in the wash again he constantly tells people he has no clothes he has loads they are just on the floor but lately he has been getting really nasty he has a go at the kids really screaming and yelling at them and screaming at me if i intervene he gets abusive says i do nothing if i ask for him to do something its like why should i you never do and occasionally i point out that if i did nothing the house would be dirty and we would never eat to which he replies well aren't you the perfect f'in parent then where is your halo why don't you get a job see how you like it etc etc then there is the wants i want this i want that and i say we cant afford it he shouts at me again its my money too you know its not YOURS (i dont spend money on myself just on him and the kids usually) i point out we are on job seekers we cant afford as much he says so the money is mine i want to spend it i tell him its for both of us he gets even worse today things have just got out of control you see we had a small car too small for when we have the baby so we sold it and bought a cheap old car which was in good condition the excess money has gone towards the car insurance and taxing the car unfortunately the car has i think a faulty fuel sensor we have put £25- of fuel in and it has not really moved off empty ive told him he needs to get something done about it as how can he drive a car if we cant tell if we have any FUEL? and bing before i know it he throws a toddler tantrum in the street snarling he is going to scrap the f'in thing and i always moan about his cars and i never like his cars and he is just going to get rid of the thing so i go inside we have had loads of cars in the last two years ive advised him against two which he bought anyway and they were bad cars the last car was great but it needed new brakes i said the moneys in the bank get the brakes he told me i was nagging i mentioned it a few times his brother mentioned it every time he saw him his mom offered to buy them thinking we couldn't afford them i said no need the money is in the bank he just has to BUY them well the predictable thing happened while he was out the brakes failed badly and he just managed to get home and get more brakes by using the handbrake as we had no front brakes but im a nag and a bitch so what would i know right? you see i can see i do get wound up about things (like the brakes) but i think these things matter and i do everything else for him i even look for jobs for him as he wont all he has to do is fill in forms and he whines about that so anyway back to today he has now gone screeching off in his car in a right strop after coming in the house and yelling at me so what do you want me to do about it then? right in-front of the kids (one was asleep) and oh shit he is back bye

CogitoEerilySpooky Tue 30-Oct-12 17:43:37

Call Womens Aid 0808 2000 247 as soon as you get the opportunity. You're being financially, emotionally & verbally abused plus probably other things besides. Don't subject yourself, your DC or your new baby to that treatment another second longer.

Anniegetyourgun Tue 30-Oct-12 21:02:16

Unsure? Well, if your marriage isn't over, it ought to be.

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