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This is odd, right?

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aufaniae Mon 29-Oct-12 23:38:41

Visiting my parents and probably regressing into my teenage self right about now, but still ...

I've been here 5 hours and no one (mum dad nor sis) has made reference to the fact I'm pregnant or asked how me or bump are.

There are no underlying issues here AFAIK (they love DS and DP).

They're just rubbish at this stuff, always have been. Would have made me felt really rejected years ago. Now I just think it's weird!

It is, isn't it?

LemonDrizzled Mon 29-Oct-12 23:44:36

Depends how pregnant you are and whether you have told them! If they know and it shows then it is rather thoughtless to say the least. If you are only 8 weeks and haven't said anything then you can't expect them to guess.

Is your sis ok with you having DC? Does she have any? Could she be hurting/jealous and your DPs not wanting to upset her by rubbing it in?

Are you okay? Enjoying it? Or hoping for a bit of support and feeling let down?

aufaniae Tue 30-Oct-12 00:09:09

Thanks for the reply smile

I'm nearly 4 months pregnant and having hip problems, so i'm waddling already, it's not like it's not obvious! They've known for ages.

No jealousy on behalf if DSIS AFAIK. Last time we spoke about her having kids she said her partner wanted to more than her (which is a change) but even then not a burning desire by any means so she thinks they probably won't.

No, it's typical for my family. No funny reasons, they're just not very good at remembering to ask that kind of stuff. MIL rings me when I've had a scan, she remembers the date and checks how i am. It's given me an insight into how other families are. My parents won't remember when a scan is. They would expect me to ring them if anything important came up.

I used to take it personally, and find it hurtful. Now I understand it's not that they don't care, as I know they do. It just doesn't occur to them to ask that kind of thing sometimes.

Like I said, they're weird!

And I'm fine thanks for asking smile a bit waddly and easily tired but OK! Can feel the baby wriggling about already smile

akaemmafrost Tue 30-Oct-12 00:14:18

I went home at almost 5 months pregnant and my Dad actually said "bloody hell you've piled the weight on" like he didn't actually know I was pregnant and that was a possible reason for my weight gain confused. Same thing for whole visit not a mention or acknowledgment apart from observation about weight gain.

aufaniae Tue 30-Oct-12 00:40:27

akaemmafrost that's odd too! Are yours usually like that as well?

akaemmafrost Tue 30-Oct-12 00:47:26

Yes, they are very distant, better since I had dc but as an adult I was on my own. Never phoned me, never came to visit me just not interested in me or my life. I was in hospital once and rang them to tell them, my mum said "well you will let me know how you get on wont you?" confused. I couldn't imagine ever not going to my children if they were ill.

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