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Here's hoping this is the last thread about this issue!

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ICZim Fri 26-Oct-12 18:26:49

Dear wise ladies,

I need your help. Here are the threads I previously posted on this issue:


I don't know how to make the threads all tidy.

Anyway, my period came and I thought I would leave at the end of this month. Yesterday he came upstairs - I work nights so I was sleeping - and complained about the housework not being done. He's very particular about the housework and he would rather I did the house than say, study for instance. I'm working so I can pay for my tuition fees; the joys of being an international student.

Nonetheless, I've told him on the days that I don't work, I will do the housework but still he feels the need to tell me to do the housework when he leaves home. So yesterday, I told him I wanted a divorce. He doesn't believe me.

Now he says we should go to counselling, and perhaps in the future, we could even have a baby. The problem is, and I've told him so, it's a bit too much too late now. I don't want no counselling and I don't want his babies. Not now - I'm just tired of his incessant demands and nit-picking and so....

Am I being demanding? Is this what relationships are anyway and I should just be grateful? But since when does the word "gratitude" make way into a marriage?

This is very long, I know. I need your wise words. Thank you

Yama Fri 26-Oct-12 18:31:47

I wouldn't stay with anyone who tried to treat me like an employee.

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