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To think her would have introduced me sooner rather than later?

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carocaro Fri 26-Oct-12 08:43:07

Long story short, my half brother who I grew up with as my 'full brother' (same Mum different Dad) which all came out in the wash in our 20's (I am now 43) has just recently met his half brother (same Dad different Mum) You with me so far? Well done.

Their long last reunion went really well and they look the same and get on really well etc etc. Which I am happy about. The new half brother has now been introduced to many of my brothers friends and there are lots of FB posts (damm FB) saying how lovely it is to meet him, how fab he is etc etc. Not a hint of when I can meet him, why? I've said I am happy too.

Yes I feel a teency bit jelous of this new sibling (he is not related to me biologically in any way) and do feel my nose is out of joint as I have not met him, like I am not as important as mates for an introduction.

Of well people can do what they like I suppose. But if they boot was on the other foot I would have done it the other way round.

Nishky Fri 26-Oct-12 08:46:38

I am not surprised you are hurt- perhaps just tell him- not via Facebook- in a jokey way 'hey when do I get to meet him'

Sugary Fri 26-Oct-12 08:51:46

I would feel the same. However, I grew up with one half brother but I have two half brothers with whom I share a dad. We all get on well but the half brother I grew up with share a bond that only siblings that grew up in the same home can. Reassure yourself with that and just understand that his new half brother is....just new!

Hugs. X

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