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Implanon - contraceptive implant

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Rochwen Mon 27-Mar-06 18:51:21

Is anybody else using it?

What are your experiences? Has anybody suffered from migraenes and headaches after having it fitted? How long did the sideeffects last?

peachygirl Mon 27-Mar-06 18:59:18

Hi I had one and have posted about my experience before.
I didn't have migranes/ headaches but did have periods that lasted 3 months at a time for the year I had it in I think I had about 3 1/2 months free.It wasn't heavy, it was just always there. I had it taken out eventually and good riddence to it. However there are women on here who have had found theirs to be excellent and most womens periods stop all together. I think they are great but just not great for me!
One good thing about them is your fertility returns quite quickly if you have it removed unlike some methods and it was always fun to gross people out with it!

Rochwen Mon 27-Mar-06 19:02:35

yup I've been having constant periods too since I've had it put it but that doesn't bother me as much as the constand headaches and the very frequent migraenes.

The Dr said it would get better, I'd just like to know when.

shrimpy169 Mon 27-Mar-06 19:27:29

I had one before I had my 1st DS (now 2.5). It made my periods erratic for 3-4mths...not heavy just irregular fairly constant v. light bleed. After few months settled down and then had normal if not lighter and shorter periods. I kept it for 2yrsish and it was great not having to think about taking pills etc...never had problem with headaches but it did make me put on a few extra pounds...or maybe i just ate too much .

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 12:06:03

It can't just be us three? Has noone else used it? I'd love to hear your experiences as I'm this close to getting it taken out and then I'm out of options (can't use the combined pill or the coil (previous surgery).

flutterbee Tue 28-Mar-06 12:14:39

I have just had the injection in my bum that will last 3 months but after speaking with the nurse I have decided to get implanon popped in.

Kidstrack2 Tue 28-Mar-06 12:17:50

nooooooooooo don't do it! i had horrible time with it and i only had it in 6m i bled for the whole 6m and i had terrible mood swings, FP tried to get me to keep it in for a further 3m with a supply of the combined pill for 3m to try and stop the bleeding, i said no way and had to demand for it to be taken out!

Kidstrack2 Tue 28-Mar-06 12:20:24

i'm now going to have a coil fitted that releases no hormones whatsoever!

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 12:21:35

Yes, they told me to stick with it for at least 6 months to 'get used to it' but what's the use of six months of misery. Not only do I have constant headaches, regular migraens and one long period but I also have no sex drive anymore and, yes, now that you mention it, very bad moodswings.

...and they told me it was a wonderdrug.

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 12:22:39

yes I came in asking for the copper coil but I can't have it because of previous surgery on my cervix, so I'm totally out of options if the bloody Implanon doesn't work out. I'm desperate !

tessasmum Tue 28-Mar-06 12:27:28

Watching with interest as I'm contemplating it - still bf, no af (baby only 5 mths) and v. bad at remembering to take mini-pill! GP quite keen but need some happier stories than these before I go for it.

Kidstrack2 Tue 28-Mar-06 12:28:17

Rochwen same here, i totally lost all intereset and i would take dp head off if he came near me! it has been wonderful with no hormones at the moment as everything has returned to normal and i have a no mood swings and i'm interested agin i took the pill for a while there but i now have an app to have a smear and coil fitted! i can't wait, just hoping coil doesn't stop my periods!

Kidstrack2 Tue 28-Mar-06 12:30:15

tessamum if you can take the mini pill with no problem then the implannon will work for you as its the same one hormone thats in it! i can't take mini pill either!

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 13:34:10

copper coil won't make your periods dissapear, it'll make them heavier. I don't know about the hormone coil though.

Tessasmum, my Dr really thinks Implanon is fantastic and has never had a patient who had any problems (apart from irregular periods) with it. Unfortunately, I seem to have all the side effects possible with it. I must be a freak. Plus I think the implant has to work even for the heaviest woman so I guess I get double the hormone concentration neccessary for my size (I'm barely 8 stone), perhaps that's why I react so strongly.

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 13:36:59

Yes, I loved the 'contraceptive hormone free time' during pregnancy and birth as well. It was great to feel 'normal' (apart from all the pregnancy and post natal stuff of course) again. I've been taking the pill all my life and have never really gotten on with it. I'd love to find a safe means of contraception that doesn't involve hormones. I just don't want to gamble as I really don't want another baby. It's tough.

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 13:37:20

after birth I meant

bundle Tue 28-Mar-06 13:43:36

rochwen I don't think that they're made for heavier women (wrt to the progesterone only pills..if a woman weighs more than 11 stone she should be taking two pills for it to be effective contraception)

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 14:01:52

Oh I didn't know that. I just assumed that the Implant would work for a 16 stone woman as well. Does that mean they have to have two implanted (ouch)?

Still I'm very dissapointed as the Dr told me that the actual hormone dosage released by the implant is meant to be much lower than a mini-pill and thus I should have less problems than I had on the pill but I'm experiencing far more side effects.

Kidstrack2 Tue 28-Mar-06 14:09:38

Oh Rochwen i don't want them heavier i still want them but i can't have the mirena because the hormones in that will either make be bleed irregular or stop them all together! Mmm i don't know what to do, i'll end up having my smear done and going home without contraception!

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 14:13:57

today in the news (with reference to this new 'wonder pill') they said that it is actually healthier for women to have no periods.

...I could live with that. (I've been having one long constant period for three months now thanks to lovely implant.)

bundle Tue 28-Mar-06 14:14:22

I don't think they suit everyone rochwen, but they do have a much better success (or lower failure rate) than any other form of contraception, apparently. I'm not sure if there's an issue with dosage for larger women i'll try and find out, there was a good article in Doctor magazine a while back about them.

Rochwen Tue 28-Mar-06 14:17:15

Oh bundle, if you could find that article that would be grand ! My Dr is a total fan of the Implanon and as I was asking for reliable contraception she said that it was probably the best on the market. Just sooooo wish it would agree with me.

Maybe I should drag hubby to get a vasectomy ....

Kidstrack2 Tue 28-Mar-06 14:19:44

that sounds a wonderful pill, but not for me, i like the reasurance of my period every month, feel sorry for you still bleedeing after 3m because as i say it was a full 6m i had it and i never even had it dissapear for a day, when they took it out would you beleive the bleeding completely stopped within 2 days

shrimpy169 Tue 28-Mar-06 14:27:07

if you're having bleeding in the early days with it your GP can (if not contraindicated) prescribe tablets to take on top that can stop/lessen the bleeding until settles down of its own accord...i took some in the early days as was going on holiday and bleeding hadnt settled into normal pattern.

Louise28 Tue 28-Mar-06 14:37:49

Not having periods is the most wonderful thing ever - not sure about the pill or the implant thing but I can heartily recommend the mirena coil - I had it fitted 5 months ago and after about 2 months of irregular bleeding and headaches I am now bleed free and no symptons of any kind - I feel a million dollars and no need to worry about pregnancy for the next 5 years - bonus!
It's not for everyone obviously but I would most certainly give it a go - less weight gain etc

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