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Friday Date night with DH

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bubalou Thu 18-Oct-12 23:14:19

DH has been away since Monday. It's been a very long & busy few weeks & although we've had family time we've had almost no alone time.

My mum das asked to pick ds up from school Friday & have him for a sleepover - which he loves & doesn't get to do often.

So me & DH actually have a 'date night' planned! Is it silly to feel so excited? He won't get back til gone 7pm so we've got a table booked for 9 at a lovely local Italian bistro & were going to go out for drinks after.

I've gone all out - have been scrubbed & tanned (not orange I swear just a light glow) having nails done tomorrow too!

Not really anything to ask, just wondered if I'm the only 1 to get excited about something so silly & what do u get up to on date night (apart from the obvious)

blazingoreos Fri 19-Oct-12 00:04:56

that sounds fantastic!

have a lovely night!

for what its worth, i love going all out too : )

BadgersGhostlyRetreatWoo Fri 19-Oct-12 16:25:12

we used to do this after DH had finished a night shift - i wouldn't see him at all as we'd pass on the trains!

often didn't go out tho wink

have a lovely time

Squitten Fri 19-Oct-12 16:28:48

I realised that my Mum is coming to stay over the weekend that Skyfall comes out and she's happy to babysit the kids while we go out so I've booked tickets! Really excited to see Daniel Craig for a night out with DH wink

DontmindifIdo Fri 19-Oct-12 16:33:48

oh that's lovely! We've not had a date night for ages! (must book babysitter)

I assume you are aware that today is national stocking day? wink

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