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Mum Driving Me Mad - Rant

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preggofabulous Mon 15-Oct-12 16:21:05

Just have to get this rant out…

Have found myself pregnant and single, so when my mum offered to let me move in with her for as long as needed I thought it was a good idea (support on tap, low rent, etc) and we’ve always got on well, but its only been two weeks and she’s driving me crazy!

She acts like a spoilt child having a tantrum half the time and it makes me want to scream. For example, she agreed when I moved in that she would only smoke outside, but she still sneaks the odd one in the house. When I said I couldn’t live in a smoky house and she should perhaps consider the health of her child and grand child, her response was to sulk and just say ‘Whatever’.

I asked if I could have a cupboard in the kitchen to store the baby bottles and things and she made a big deal about the fact that she has to give up a cupboard! She’s still going on about it and refuses to let me move anything until the baby is born.

She moans at me for trying to move a bed on my own, but sits and watches while I struggle up and down the stairs with shopping and laundry (the house is on a first floor, but laundry is in the garage).

I’m not allowed to watch anything on the tv (she turns it over), got told off for doing my washing on ‘the wrong day’, tells me not to get her anything when doing a food shop, then eats all my food, and she keeps going in my room and moving my stuff.

I've tried talking to her but I just get the sulking and silent treatment.

I can’t bear it any longer but I’ve nowhere to go! I can’t afford to rent, and although I’m applying for council housing, I’m not sure I’ll be given a high priority, and don’t want to move out of the area and have to change doctors (I’m comfortable with my midwife and doctor team).

I just don’t need this added stress right now angry

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 15-Oct-12 16:30:34

"I’m applying for council housing, I’m not sure I’ll be given a high priority"

What my friend did (and I'm not saying I entirely approve but it seems to be the norm) is 'evict' her DD by letter for the benefit of the council housing department. Had to say that the place was overcrowded, that the DD couldn't live there any more, various other things. The DD was initially allocated a temporary hostel in the same town but, within a few months, this was upgraded to quite a nice little HA house.

There has to be a saying somewhere about the perils of two women in one kitchen. Good luck

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