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Arguing/snapping constantly

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Gangie Sun 14-Oct-12 21:10:38

Well not constantly but much more than is acceptable. We have 1ds who is 2 and I'm 7mths pregnant. I love my dp And I know he loves me there I'd no dv or ea but we do have a big problem communicating. When both have short tempers and it's like s vicious circle lately, I snap at him he snaps at me and then we have. Massive argument. We have good communication when we have calmed down and don't go to bed on an argument but can't seem to stop the sniping. I hAve sone issues with authority (alcoholic father/abusive exp) soI think I get irrationally stressed and he has similar issues. We are under a lot of financial pressure at the min, I'm sahm he is only working sporadically (when he is working things are much better but still underlying issues) we went to relate once and would love to continue cut we have no one to mind ds. Does anyone have any advise or tips on what we can do to help ourselves and each other to get on better? Sorry for spelling/grammar am on iPhone and upset after another row.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 14-Oct-12 21:17:16

Try time-honoured things like counting to ten before saying something. Think before you speak. If certain events are 'triggers', try to set things up differently so that old arguments don't get played out over and over again.

Finances are very stressful if there isn't much money about. If debts are the problem, you might want to think about an appointment with CAB or one of the other free debt advisory services. Work together on making sure you're getting all the state help possible... is good for that. Also helps to work together on cost-cutting and budget management together rather than let the bank statement take you by surprise. Good luck

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