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happygolucky0 Fri 12-Oct-12 20:33:18

oh my gosh I need your help. I have not really been in a relationship for around 4 years. Someone at work introduced me to someone she knows how she thought would be suited. I met him weds for a drink. I gave him my number as I said call me when you are outside the pub.
He was really nice. Cant say I fancied him madly but nice company. The problem is he is now texting me lots, then asking him he has upset me if I dont reply straight away (i know its only Fri) and i have spoke to him via facebook he is just going to fast and I dont think I have as much energy to put into it as he is.( I am also a single Mum and have health problems)
He has no car so tomorow after work i have agreed to drive over to his area(not to far 15 miles) . He was saying you can sleep at mine! I refused so I just want to get to know him before being in that situtaion.
I dont really want to lose what maybe a good thing but I just think that you should have a date one or twice a week at first not hourly converstations. Is it me???

Lueji Fri 12-Oct-12 20:48:58

It seems like red flags to me, tbh.

Insist on taking things at your pace and tell him it's not on to push you for immediate replies.
See what he does.

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