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so disappointed

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Shockedandhurt Thu 11-Oct-12 11:43:58

I am 7 months pregnant. Despite claiming to be delighted and excited about the baby the father has been anything but. Me and my family have bought everything for the baby. He hasnt once asked if i need any money towards these things.
He has stayed out on numerous occassions despite me asking him not to. Last week i split with him and asked him to move out after he yet again stayed out all night. I am just so hurt that he hasnt even tried tomake an effort before or after and wont even give hid baby a chance of its father being there. So down.

Elkieb Thu 11-Oct-12 11:45:48

Hugs from me. My other half was a bit too relaxed about what we needed for our baby, but being a dad has changed him for the better. I'm still working at 3 jobs tho hmm

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