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Genital Warts/HPV

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Suekins Tue 09-Oct-12 21:07:46

Obviously this is very embarrassing and I have gone anon to post.

My DP has what I think are genital warts. I've not mentioned it to him yet as...well I don't really know how to broach the subject. AF has saved me for the past week but I will need to tell him very soon I know, I have a few Q's before I do.

What does he need to do? Go to the family planning clinic? He has never been to our GP in all the years we've lived together, he won't know where to start. I don't think for a moment that he's been unfaithful. As I understand it this is a dormant virus - I am more worried whether I've given it to him as I have been treated for CIN3 since we've been together but I don't know if the same kind of HPV causes GW or whether it's a completely different strain <idiot icon>. If I've not given it to him and it's the latter, will I have contracted it? I don't have them but we have had unprotected sex for years. I am due a smear next week so will mention this all to the nurse then.

I feel really bad for my DP, he will be mortified.

Suekins Thu 11-Oct-12 20:27:51

Thanks for all the replies and Sarah919 for clarifying. I was looking into the HPV immunisation the other day as my DD is soon to have it, didn't realise they had changed to Gardasil - that is good news.

My concerns are probably heightened by my smear being due - when I had my abnormal cells treated my consultant told me they were caused by HPV. Strains weren't mentioned, and I am easily confused!

I have spoken to him about it again today, he is going to go to a clinic early next week and get it sorted out. We're having trouble finding a somewhere nearby though (live in the country). Our local Family Planning don't seem to deal with this sort of thing and the nearest place I can find that does is 15 miles away. I've made it very clear he HAS to get it sorted.

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