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ex cheated with guys

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lizma Tue 09-Oct-12 14:27:01

My ex left me for another woman ( who is welcome to him ) but since leaving i have found out he was also cheating on me with guys.

My ex has always cheated on me with women but i have also found out he has been having realationships with guys this appears to have gone on since we were first married and that was for 33yrs.

To say im mad is not even close i feel i need to get revenge but need to keep it within the law anyone got any ideas

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 09-Oct-12 14:30:32

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Your best revenge re him is to live well (as you state, this other woman is welcome to him). Let this desire for revenge go. He's gone now so you can rebuild your life.

Seeking revenge on him is not going to help you at all in the long run.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 09-Oct-12 14:42:43

Absolutely. The best revenge is to live well.... and obviously to share his guilty secret with anyone you think might be interested wink

JustFabulous Tue 09-Oct-12 14:45:33

You seem angrier that he has had adulturous relationships with men than the women.

DragonMamma Tue 09-Oct-12 14:46:42

Get yourself an STI check ASAP, 33 years ago the safe sex message wasn't quite as strong as it now.

DragonMamma Tue 09-Oct-12 14:47:41

Don't forget, this also prevents you from donating blood now - if you do.

HipHopOpotomus Tue 09-Oct-12 14:58:28

All the sensible replies are above. Yes you are better to live your life well and forget all,about him etc etc etc. What a shock to find this out after all those years - you think you know someone aye? (Although as my gay male friends tell me, they are always getting hit on by 'straight marrieds', oh yes). As Cognito says, prepare yourself to be VERY indiscreet.

I understand why you want to punch back though. Trick is, to be clever about it, witty even. Stay on the right side of the law so you aren't harmed, and get to enjoy a good laugh at his expense.

Have you thought about the fish, wrapped in newspaper and hidden in the springs of the passenger seat of his car?

What's his passion? Where is his achilles so to speak? I'm sure someone will be along in a minute with some smashing ideas (perhaps you will need to go outside of relationships for proper guidance though) smile

Hope you are feeling better soon.

HipHopOpotomus Tue 09-Oct-12 15:01:37

"You seem angrier that he has had adulterous relationships with men than the women."
Gosh wouldn't you be? You might have known he was a philanderer, but to live with someone, married for over 30 years, and not knowing all the while he was having many homosexual affairs too, takes the biscuit. I'd be really fucking angry, and feel like I didn't know a person at all, over all those years.

JustFabulous Tue 09-Oct-12 15:05:55

I have no idea how I would feel. I was merely suggesting that the OP think about things are bottom line, he has cheated on her numerous times.

izzyizin Tue 09-Oct-12 15:09:57

You wlll need to be tested for HIV, Hep C and other conditions which, to the best of my knowledge, are required to be disclosed on application for certain insurance policies.

Ask your GP to give you the assurance of a general blood test such as thyroid and liver function as if the latter is within normal parameters you won't need to be tested specifically for Hep C.

For an HIV test source a clinic that doesn't require anything other than a name and mobile number and adopt an alias and purchase a non-registered sim card.

In the, hopefully, unlikely event that you test postiive you will need to be upfront in order to receive the necessary treatment but I see no reason why you should be unduly penalised through no fault of your own if your tests prove negative.

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