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Boyfriend blocked a huge number of women on Facebook....

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RedWallflower Tue 09-Oct-12 11:19:14

I have been seeing my boyfriend for almost a year. We were talking about Facebook, and blocking people. He told me he'd mostly blocked exes. Ashamed to say I checked his Facebook and he has about 60 women blocked. I was shocked. He told me it was a couple.
What would you make of this?
Of course, I'm thinking he's been promiscuous.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Tue 09-Oct-12 11:33:25

I wouldn't care about him having slept with 60 people (depending on his age, of course) although I doubt he has. I would probably be curious about why he would block (but not delete?) everyone he's slept with, if that's what you're thinking he's done. Doesn't really speak highly of him if he can't get on with any of his exes, IMO.

ItsAFuckingVase Tue 09-Oct-12 11:33:59

I would wonder why you feel the need to hack into his facebook?

Being promiscuous in the past should have no bearing on your relationship really. Have you asked him whether he has been promiscuous before?

Have to say I would find it very annoying / horrid if my DH wanted to know who / how many people I have blocked on fb and why.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 09-Oct-12 11:39:02

That's what you get for checking up on FB.... stuff you'd rather have not known. hmm You clearly think he's been promiscuous & it seems to bother you, so you'll have to take things forward on that basis.

geegee888 Tue 09-Oct-12 11:39:56

My hunch would be that he has blocked them to prevent stuff coming out that would cause trouble. If you have nothing to hide, why would you block that many people? ie what has he done to make him think he has to block them? I am sure 60 women cannot have wronged him unfairly!

Pooka Tue 09-Oct-12 11:42:29

Might not all be ex flings. Could be ex girlfriends friends. So is cutting off or blocking ex as well as her friendship group.

Whether or not that bothers you is up to you. Just wanted to say that he might jt have 60 ex girlfriends.

RedWallflower Tue 09-Oct-12 12:08:33

Well I guess I've had cause for concern. Wouldn't go snooping otherwise. I suppose the other thing that riles me is the fact he said it was just a few, not over 60!
Anyhow, yes serves me right for snooping.

OneMoreChap Tue 09-Oct-12 13:06:13

so you'd be happy if he poked about on your facebook, too then?

geegee888 Tue 09-Oct-12 13:14:09

He could of course have a different Facebook profile for the ones he has blocked. Which you could be blocked from seeing.

I don't mean to worry you. But this actually happened to me once, hence I probably err on the side of being overly suspicious when confronted with this sort of behaviour.

And theres nothing wrong with snooping, at least when compared with wasting time with someone whose stringing you a lie. Hopefully thats not the case here and theres a good reason for it.

RedWallflower Tue 09-Oct-12 13:27:55

Thanks, for all your comments.
Of course I feel bad about snooping. But I have nothing to hide on my Facebook, and I know he's looked at old messages of mine, from an ex which I've deleted now!
I had concerns about his trustworthiness as he's told me a few lies about exes, and timings, as well as a few suspicious texts. For example, He got a message, I asked if everything was ok, and he lied about who it was from. I saw the name not the message. There's been a few things. He said he's been a player in the past but not anymore.

OneMoreChap Tue 09-Oct-12 13:31:47

Ah, take it back then. Possible toe-rag.

Beograde Tue 09-Oct-12 13:39:12

Could it be that he has blocked exes and their friends (many of whom are women). I know I've done that because I don't want to see their posts on each other's walls, etc and so that can be quite a few people

RedWallflower Tue 09-Oct-12 13:53:22

That's true. I deleted a heap of my exes friends when we separated, but only blocked one of them.

GockandJuice Tue 09-Oct-12 14:07:04

My other half has a few women (though equal men to) blocked on facebook though, I don't think anything of it? Could be from fall outs just as friends, exes friends, family he has fell out with, petty arguments on facebook? I wouldn't read too much into it to be honest and if he has slept with 60 people who cares? As long as he was safe and isn't putting your health at risk it's no big deal, unless thats something that bothers you? I've slept with quite a lot more than my fiancee and he knows this and it doesn't bother him as I've always been upfront and honest and felt he should know as it was his choice if he didn't want to be with someone who was "promiscious" x

RedWallflower Tue 09-Oct-12 14:37:53

Thanks Gock
I'm not worried about numbers, just the fact he may not be upfront about it. As you say, it's in the past. I guess my issue is trust. And he's quite a vocal individual, so he could just have fallen out with them. But they're all women! Anyway. May just have to forget about it.

GockandJuice Tue 09-Oct-12 15:27:32

Yeah I understand that, it's just facebook, if he gives you any reason to think maybe there's something there then ask but honestly, it's probably something silly! Now come to think of it, my block list is not that small over trivial things such as people being rude on them buy sell groups!

AnastasiaSteele Tue 09-Oct-12 19:30:39

I have only blocked loonies who I regarded as a threat in some way. One or two exes or exes' exes. It's odd to block so many IMO.

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