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Am I being a Mug?

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Ray75 Mon 08-Oct-12 13:45:29

I have had an awful weekend, not sure how to start but in brief I have been with my DP nearly 3 years, we both have kids from previous relashionships. Its been tough but thats expected. Awhile ago oldest SS came to live with us full time (is 15), long story but he wasnt welcome at his Mums anymore (not due to any fault of his).
DP works away alot so I am picking up alot of the slack with this situation, I have been happy to, I feel for the SS alot and the rejection he must be feeling and have gone out my way to make him welcome here.
I do the school runs, cooking, cleaning, even his clothes shopping for him, drop and firends then go out late to pick ip. take to footie practise and games etc....
DP has been away nearly 10 dyas now including the weekend, SS had a friend over to sleep saturday night then I took them both to football on sunday , I arrived back at football to pick them up, walked down to the pitch only to discover that not only was his DM there but this lad who had stayed over's DM as well (together) so I had no idea if they were taking the boys or if I was meant to wait, no one came over to let me know including SS when the game finished, so I stood on my own like a prize lemon, in the end a mum I do know walked passed and said Hi etc so I walked up with her to the car park. Waited and waited in my car, finally SS his DM this other lad and his DM came into the car park, crowded round her car chatting- still no one came over to let me know anything so I am sat there like some bloody taxi driver with the meter running, eventually SS and his friend came over got in the car and said 'can you give us a lift back and they are going to follow us as friend has left his stuff at ours'.
I felt so crap after, completely used, she gets to rock up watch the match like super mum whilst I stand in the back ground not knowing what's going on yet im the one who does all the running round,cooking,cleaning,caring, shopping etc. I was gutted, SS new she was going (he asked her to) yet never said a word to me, had he mentioned I would of just suggested he get a lift back with her to save the trip etc( not that I mind the drive but being made to feel like some worthless taxi driver was not nice)
Theres a long history of other events and Drama's that I have been caught in and after yesterday Im at a point I dont know what to do, I love DP but not sure I can do this.

CailinDana Mon 08-Oct-12 13:47:36

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why didn't you go over and ask SS what the situation was? Or text him even?

dondon33 Mon 08-Oct-12 19:25:15

I was thinking the same too, I would have went and asked one of them but maybe for some reason you felt you couldn't.
Ask SS in future to inform you if his mum is going to be there to save your awkwardness. It's likely that he simply didn't "think" to tell you.

I'm not really sure what else to say regarding your situation, if you're really not happy then you need to speak with your DP.
Hope it all works out for you. x

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