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How to tell friend I'm not buying her a birthday gift?

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theladylovescupcakes Sat 06-Oct-12 08:38:33

Meet this friend on a weekly basis for coffee/lunch. Less if I can help it. She's very self absorbed, chat is all one sided. She doesn't ask about me and what's going on in my life, just what she's doing, and her latest catastrophe (her Next order not coming on time, for example). I'm planning to gently back off from her, as I'm getting absolutely nothing from her. I was a big support to her when she had a crisis earlier in the year, and I know that if I were in a similar position she wouldn't reciprocate, nor would I want her to.

Anyway, it's her birthday next month and I don't want to buy her a gift. We're not close, and I want to be backing off. How do I tell her? And in a nice way?

theladylovescupcakes Sat 06-Oct-12 20:33:51

See, that's the thing, I it's not that I really don't like her, she can be quite funny sometimes! As I said above, she's very "me, me, me". Some useful suggestions though. I just don't want to hurt her feelings (I'm just too nice!)

MushroomSoup Sat 06-Oct-12 20:55:58

Why don't you just say 'do you mind if we don't buy each gifts anymore? Can't really afford it/don't know what to buy don't really like you '

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