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Feeling ridiculously broody :/

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OhEmGee24 Sun 30-Sep-12 09:41:02

I have a beautiful dd 2.4 from previous relationship. Only been with my boyfriend since January but he's defo the one. For the past, I dunno, a month I've been ridiculously broody. So many Facebook updates of people having babies and I want another one!! Obviously I won't tell dp this although we've discussed marriage and babies. It's just an overwhelming feeling I can't stop thinking about :-(

BabyBorn Sun 30-Sep-12 10:02:13

I also had this overwhelming feeling for another baby too. I had dd 7 from previous. I now have another gorgeous dd 5.5 months old. Been with DH 5 years though. I started feeling broody in July 2010 and waited 7 months to see if I felt the same and I sure did. We started trying Feb 2011 and was pregnant by the July. I would suggest you should wait a while, see if things are still good with you and your partner and if you still want another baby then talk to him, see how he feels. Don't rush. Good luck Xx

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