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Have you ever had anorexia? what are/were you family dynamics like?

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everythingpasses Mon 24-Sep-12 16:30:22

That title makes it sound like I'm doing some sort of research project!!

Basically throughout my teen years I had pretty bad anorexia, I was under CAMHS for years, had a BMI of around 11, no periods, totally isolated myself etc

It is only now, 10-15 years later, after reading some articles about family dynamics that I am wondering what part that had to play. Obviously, I wouldn't blame anyone in my family but I am just interested if there are similar themes that tend to crop up. I realise I am the one that stopped eating, so any comments like that need not bother!

My mum and dad loved me very much and I was very lucky to have the childhood that I did. However, my mum never really praised me and tended to focus on any negative (for instance, why did I only get 2.1 in my degree, what had gone wrong? Comments that my sister had more friends than me ...) There was also worrying boundaries in our relationship and I wonder if the fact that my mum and dad had a pretty empty relationship was reflected onto mine and my mums relationship a bit. We used to do everything together when I was poorly, I never saw my friends and when I started to get better she said that she was sad because it felt like she was losing her best friend.

I'd be interested to hear about any other people who have had anorexia and what their family dynamics are/were like?

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