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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Still On A Sober Holiday, Waiting For The Summer!

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Mouseface Tue 21-Aug-12 20:52:55

Hello, tis me, Mouse wink

I'm one of the Brave Babes on the Battle Bus, it's HUGE and never gets full, the doors are always open, 24/7, every single day.

We're a mixture of people who have been drinking for most of our lives and in one way or another, abuse(d) alcohol.

Some of us have stopped drinking every day completely and are taking it One Day At A Time.

Some are trying to control their drinking with medication, willpower, AA, some of us aren't quite sure what we want or where we're trying to get, but we're here, we're all in the same boat Bus, and there's a seat for ANYONE who wants one.

You can find the previous threads HERE and where this Bus first started it's journey, thanks to a wonderful lady, who'd hit rock bottom face first (and she'd admit that to us herself), seeking help and advice from a bunch of 'strangers' on an internet forum........ smile

Come have a peek, take a seat, we don't bite or judge. We listen and will try to help, best we can.

Silver66 Wed 22-Aug-12 00:56:17


got you

first again

<high fives self>

Greyhound Wed 22-Aug-12 14:52:56

Hi five Silver

Lellipops Wed 22-Aug-12 15:04:49

Hey Silver Greyhound room for another one?? smile

guggenheim Wed 22-Aug-12 15:19:36

Hey babes

Ma what terrible news, poor young girl and her poor family. sad

mouse hope that you are in less pain by now.

Well done to those babes who have made it to fantastic figures like 16 /17 + days, not surprised that clothes feel looser. Expect that feet feel boingier too.

I'm going to try some of the guided meditations tonight, thank you for the linkies.Ds is being potty trained and it is, of course driving me potty. How much poo must one woman take? The meditation will help me to be more patient but I shan't breathe too deeply until ds is safely back in a nappy.It's a good job that he is angel faced.

obrigada Wed 22-Aug-12 15:25:03

Marking my place, Day 17 for me, trousers seem bit looser todaysmile

Lellipops Wed 22-Aug-12 16:11:15

Hey gugg omg I remember the potty training only too well...good luck! Enjoy the meditations..wonderful to get some space for yourself and truly relax (think a lot of us have forgotten how to do that these days).

obrigada Day 17 is amazing! Go you gurl and I can relate to how good the looser trousers feels smile

NoNoNoMYDoIt Wed 22-Aug-12 16:16:24

Found you all grin

dementedma Wed 22-Aug-12 16:41:42

grabs a seat
Boo to you too silver
feeling a bit stunned about Stef to be honest.
DD1 goes to Spain tomorrow to au pair (repalcing DD2 who is now back). tonight we are having a farewell party - just some pizza, fizz etc and all I can think of is Stef and Alex. Part of me doesn't want DD1 to go now, I want to keep her here where I can see her and where nothing horrible will happen to her.
Sorry to start the new thread on such a depressing note but can I ask you - if you could light a candle for them and post that you are, I will send her a copy of the posts, just to know that people all over the world are thinking of her?

obrigada Wed 22-Aug-12 17:05:07

Ma, I will light a candle for Stef and Alex when I get home from work, they will be in my thoughts and prayers x x

NoNoNoMYDoIt Wed 22-Aug-12 17:35:54

I will when I get in at 9pm

kotinka Wed 22-Aug-12 19:33:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

guggenheim Wed 22-Aug-12 20:07:28

Sorry lovelies,
in the sidecar tonight. 3 glasses down.

Bproud Wed 22-Aug-12 20:14:43

Ma so sorry, I'm lighting my candle here.

Bproud Wed 22-Aug-12 20:15:41

Gugg time to stop now then, do the drill and look forward to a new day tomorrow.

Sharpkat Wed 22-Aug-12 20:15:43

Any room in the sidecar for a not so little one?

Was here 18 months ago and you all really helped.

Need to get off the booze again for health reasons. Know what I need to do but not sure how.

Will hopefully get on the actual bus very soon but struggling at the moment. sad

Bproud Wed 22-Aug-12 20:18:57

Sharpkat the HOW is one tiny step at a time, if you are drinking tonight STOP NOW. have loads of water or tea, write out a PLAN for tomorrow - a shopping list of soft drniks and and treats and a list of activities to keep you busy, and keep on posting here.

Todayiwillnotdrink Wed 22-Aug-12 20:43:15

Candle lit here - thinking of you and your friend Ma xxx

Fairenuff Wed 22-Aug-12 20:48:20

Three little scented candles lit here ma for Alex, Stef and you x

venusandmars Wed 22-Aug-12 20:49:55

ma I've lit a candle here - look across the water and know that there's a flame of light, and loving thought. It's a beautiful candle with a tall, strong flame, and it smells gorgeous - like youth, and life and vibrancy, yet deep and comforting.

My dd went through an awful time when she was 15. She had bleak periods when she just sobbed her heart out and did not want to be alive. It was heartbreaking and there were times when I only knew she was alive if I could see her and hear her breathing. My heart is with your friend.

dementedma Wed 22-Aug-12 21:06:52

Thank you all. Have just had a brief email from stef. Alex was living with the ex - she refused to agree to stef's house rules of going to school,doing chores,being civil,etc. so had gone back to live with her dad who let her do what she wanted, hang with a dodgy crowd etc.
Stef said Alex had called her in the morning, first contact in a few weeks. She missed the call, and when she saw the missed call,she didn't call back.Alex was found hanging in ex's bathroom later that day. Stef wrote " M,I failed her miserably."
What can I say? Thank you for the candles.

Fairenuff Wed 22-Aug-12 21:17:07

Ma Stef loved her daughter. Alex knew that. She was much loved. She was a troubled child but no-one could ever predict what would happen. Perhaps she was phoning to say goodbye? Her thoughts were with her mother because she loved her. Nothing changes that. That love is still there and always will be. She is at peace now.

My heart breaks for her poor parents and everyone who loved her x

NoNoNoMYDoIt Wed 22-Aug-12 21:29:48

Oh truly a mother's worst nightmare. Thinking of your friend, ma

Sorry to hear tonight has been tough for many of you. Can't imagine dealing with the pain you describe mouse. You too kotinka

I am counting my blessings that tonight I have remained sober. Day 8 is drawing to a close. Slightly nervous about tomorrow as I have a health assessment at a Nuffield hospital and as part of that I have blood test incl liver function. Hmmm... I also had to fill in a checklist saying how much I drank. I was sort of truthful about how much I was drinking up until last week so am expecting a bollocking...

Everything is put into perspective by the plight of ma's poor friend tho. sad

MysteryThing Wed 22-Aug-12 21:34:48

What terribly sad news Ma. Will light a candle.

Silver66 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:35:34


Just huge hugs to you x

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