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LouP19 Fri 25-Nov-11 13:04:44

My husband regularly walks out/storms off during a heated discussion. It's his way of coping, and even though he's been doing it for 7 years, I can't say I'm dealing with it very well.

He usually does it for a couple of hours or so (occasionally longer), and then after this he's absolutely fine. Frustrating thing is he expects me to be fine too,........ and when I'm not he's usually baffled and then get's annoyed with me.

Whilst his strategy works fine for HIM, it leaves me feeling abandoned and invalidated. Tried explaining this to him, he listens, but he still walks out if he's had enough.

I've seen this behaviour with his family (walking off if there's a problem, and then acting a few hours later as if nothing's happened) so I appreciate it's inbred behaviour in him and maybe there's little I can do to change it.

I've tried having a bath, having some 'me' time, understanding it from his point of view,.... but ultimately I can't help but feel he's found a solution for HIM, rather than US,....

Anyone in a similar position?

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rvby Mon 08-Jul-19 04:47:25

@Judstur this thread is from several years ago and no one is going to find your question at the bottom of it. Please start a new thread with your question.

To everyone else: *ZOMBIE THREAD*

daisychain01 Mon 08-Jul-19 05:00:06

I've reported that poster, their post doesn't even have anything to do with the original issue, they're just timewaster.

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