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dh away for weekend, miss him so much, but when he is here I constantly grump at him.

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ditavonteesed Mon 24-Oct-11 10:52:44

2 seperate issues here, how am I so dependent on dh for my happiness that he has been away all weekend and I feel absolutly lost, sad, bored, lonely and anxious. have made sure we have been really busy, but in the evenings when dd's are in bed I feel rotten. he also goes out one night a week and I am the same then, I wander around the house unable to settle and just feel lost without him here. I am fine in the day when he is at work.
then there is the fact that I constantly grump at him, about tiny things that dont matter in the slightest, things like doing the pots but not checking is there are cups in the lounge, you know really stupid things.
so I need to be niicer to dh while slightly leess dependent on him.

sammyjole Mon 24-Oct-11 11:47:33

Wow that could have been written by me it sounds so similar! I have had to make a real effort to be nicer to huby but also do the little moaning about nothing thing, and also feeling lost and out of control without him.... some days would be going ok and then if he was late home from work (and its not the working that was the problem but more the fact he's spending so long at his mums every single day!) then I'd be in a bad mood with him and then its no wonder he didn't rush home to me.....a vicious circle I know! I've tried to make a real effort to do things with friends myself but I know from being a single parent in the past the evenings can be long and lonely. If only I'd had mumsnet back then! I think my other half is starting to get it a bit now, on the one day I do work and he stays home with the kids I rang to see if he minded me calling with someone on my way back....he suggested he'd drop the kids off with me there! I dont really have much advice I'm afraid infact I'll be interested to hear what other people it low self esteem or is it normal to not want to be alone??

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