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Legal Aid or not for divorce?

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NameChangedToProtectDh Fri 21-Oct-11 09:56:41

I have been told don't do Legal Aid you'll get worse service...I need someone really good...but I am worried about costs...I am not earning as yet (full-time student, but considering changing to part-time) and have no personal savings, so I guess payment would have to come out of the house settlement. Does anyone have an informed opinion on this? Many thanks...

izzywhizzysfritenite Fri 21-Oct-11 10:10:51

If the divorce is unlikely to be contested and you are able to mutually agree contact/child support, there is no reason why you should need a solicitor as you can divorce online for very little cost.

What are your circumstances and why do you think you 'need someone really good'?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Fri 21-Oct-11 10:12:46

It might not be easy to get a solicitor to agree to act for you and to take his payment out of the house settlement - I would imagine he'd want a retainer.

By the way, legal aid isn't free, it has to be paid back out of your settlement anyway.

Do you believe the person who told you that you get worse service if you do legal aid? smile

NameChangedToProtectDh Fri 21-Oct-11 10:21:11

There is a large amount of money involved that (d)h sees as "his money" and is hell bent on getting. I had to freeze our offset mortgage yesterday to prevent him taking it out (after taking legal advice) and he was furious.

You have to pay back LA? Didn't know that...

Wondering how I would pay a solicitor...

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Fri 21-Oct-11 10:39:52

if you have no income and no savings you will qualify for legal aid but as I said, legal aid is a loan - a fact that people often overlook.

Theres no reason why legal aid won't work for you. Solicitors are more than used to greedy people trying to take everything! It's their job to make sure they don't. You'll be fine with legal aid, honestly.

davidsotherhalf Fri 21-Oct-11 10:46:56

i had to pay £109 a month to legal aid for over a year and then they took nearly £5000 out of my settlement......i thought i wouldn't have to pay monthly as i was a full time carer getting £55 a week and child tax credits....and had no savings.........xh applied for legal aid and didn't get it but they took £3000 from his settlement..... i would of been better off not doing legal aid

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Fri 21-Oct-11 10:56:15

Why should a SAHM with no income qualify for legal aid and then keep a million pound settlement when a working woman has to pay???

Not saying you got a million pounds of course, but some do

davidsotherhalf Fri 21-Oct-11 11:01:00

wish i did get a million pounds lol....i am a full time carer for my dd she wasn't in education so i was caring for her 24/7. i wanted to work but couldn't afford to pay £15hr for a carer iyswim

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Fri 21-Oct-11 11:04:39

£6,200 for your divorce - Bloody Bargain!!!!!!

NameChangedToProtectDh Fri 21-Oct-11 11:53:05

So it is going to cost me the same, either I pay now or pay retrospectively? I still have access to the joint account and joint savings, which isn't much in joint but is might be best to use this while I still have access to it, and when I don't take out a loan or something? As a student I think I could get a career development loan, maybe finding through access to learning as well?

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