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jango36 Mon 17-Oct-11 10:33:47

Just need some logical advice, have lived with partner for four years now- known im much longer though. Relationship has been rocky for years now- due to his daily drinking. He has to have red wine on a daily basis- this has made him distant, uncommunicative and he now has a poor relationship with our three year old son- basically our relationship has broken down- i no longer can get close to him. Where do I stand legally we have just bought a house together! great timing i know i kept kidding myself that we would work it out- didnt want to fail at another realtionship! I could kick myself now as i have put twenty grand int our new house- if im lucky and it sells at the price we got it for i will poss make 15 k back! however with the market being rubbish im worried it could take a long while to sell. He point blak refuses to move, even if he did i could not afford the mortgage alone. A considering renting privately as i have a little money put by. Would I be considered for council or housing assosciation places? what about chid ta credits etc? Ay advice much appreciated

AnotherMumOnHere Mon 17-Oct-11 10:40:17

Don't want to read and run but don't let him kid you on that he has to have red wine every day.

I was a very heavy drinker many years ago - I'm talking over 10 pints of lager and a litre of vodka every day - but WHEN I DECIDED/WANTED TO STOP - I did. So dont let him pull the wool over your eyes.

Can't advise any about the house and your situ but im sure some wise ones will be along soon to help you.l

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