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what to say to my dd?

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anothermum92 Sat 15-Oct-11 22:43:04

Message withdrawn

squeakytoy Sat 15-Oct-11 22:50:24

I think at 9 she is old enough to understand that her dad is in a new relationship with someone else, and deserves to be told the truth about this woman.

I dont think he should be running everything by you first though, but he should be straight with his daughter.

anothermum92 Sat 15-Oct-11 22:54:01

Message withdrawn

anothermum92 Sat 15-Oct-11 22:54:49

Message withdrawn

squeakytoy Sat 15-Oct-11 23:00:47

Is your daughter mature enough to just say to him "look Dad, I dont mind you having a girlfriend, its really ok".

I feel sorry for the GF too as she must feel a bit uncomfortable with it, if he tries keeping his relationship a secret like this after almost a year.

anothermum92 Sat 15-Oct-11 23:13:55

Message withdrawn

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