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Worried for my hubby

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liverLadyLass Sat 15-Oct-11 11:03:32

Hi all I need a little help!
I think my hubby is taking on too much and I think he's hiding the truth from me so I dont worry,we are having to move house due to the owner deciding to sell his property as he's moving away,and we need to move out by November,were excited for this new house he found and I know he is to.. I've told him his Health and well being is more impotent than a house and that we could keep looking but he says it's fine, I just don't want him Hating me because of the stress of it, we have been a bit distant and haven't had any time together as were both exhausted all the time  I'm feeling it all maybe too much for him, he runs his own business and some of his workers are on holiday which is added stress and I feel helpless that I can't be there with him as we have young kids,, he's also not looking after himself proper which makes me think he my be down any suggestions or advice how to ease the stress ??

CailinDana Sat 15-Oct-11 13:33:43

Just be kind to him. Take on little jobs for him, give him little treats, compliment him and thank him for all the hard work he's doing, try to reconnect with him if you can by having a nice night out with him. It's lovely that you care so much about him, make sure he knows that.

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