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To anyone who has won their battle with alchohol...

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jayne10b Sat 15-Oct-11 02:51:14

Would you mind telling me what the trigger was that made you want to stop? My DP is probably not quite an alcoholic but regularly abuses alcohol (3 times per week). I have asked him to give up so many times but to no avail. Just wondered what makes someone WANT to give up.

StumpyStumped Sat 15-Oct-11 03:05:30

Um, I used to drink far too much. I was a happy drunk, and never staggered or anything, but for me it was just the inevitable - I decided one day I didn't want to be a slave to the same old same old every evening. So sorry, but not a trigger you can use deliberately - but one that just happened.

lolaflores Sat 15-Oct-11 08:04:00

I spent my adult years basically at different levels of pissed. Until about 5 months ago. I simply could not face the hangovers. I realised how much time I wasted being hungover, in bed, unable to face the world. And like stumpy, it was enslaving me to behaviour I didn't want to be involved in. Drink is like my naughty friend and I chose when she comes out to play.

I had my first sober birthday and it frankly rocked. I thought i would be missing out on lots of gaiety and high jinks, not a bit of it. No one was drinking but the same crack emergd. My mum came round and was shockingly outrageous (wanted a full explanation of why a woman would have ping pong ball up that fanjita) and the house rocked with good times. An eye opener I have to say. I enjoy sober now more than pissed and stupid. I feel so much better and needless to say have lost weight and gained sparkling clear eyes. but thats what your forties are for I think.l

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