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Medical records

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headnotheart Sat 15-Oct-11 00:23:31

Hi, name changed, was on the end of the abuse thread (I was the one who ran away for the night to a hotel...)

Anyway, I finally got round to reading the medical records I requested and received over a year ago from Secondary Mental Health Services. This contains a large amount of material accumulated since they first became aware of me in 1993. It has taken till now to pluck up the courage to even open the package.

It makes very interesting reading.
Very interesting indeed.

Before this, I had seen a solicitor and will be filing for divorce. OH's reaction to this news has only confirmed that I have made the right decision. Anyone would think that this September just gone he didn't state to me very clearly that he wanted us to live in separate accommodation! My immediate reply to this was that in that case I wanted a divorce. I even offered him the opportunity of being the petitioner! (He declined. No way would I make him that offer again, and I definitely shouldn't have made it in the first place.)

I am transcribing my notes. They seem to me to bear out my realisation that OH has been abusing me for years.

Anyway, I have done quite a lot of waking up in the past few weeks. Much of this has been due to the posts I have read on Relationships.

So I want to say thank you to you all. smile thanks brew

headnotheart Sat 15-Oct-11 16:17:58

hopeful bump so some kind person can link my thread with the proper title to this thread IYSWIM

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