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Would you sleep or start a relationship with a neighbour?

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tooclosetohome Wed 12-Oct-11 22:15:57

In the last few weeks I have become very close to a neighbour, not next door but a few doors down, I am only now begining to see the downfalls as I am aware of him coming and going and it is hard going,

Would or have any of you been in this situation?

doinmummy Wed 12-Oct-11 22:51:31

Is this a mutual closeness? Do you mean that you are taking more notice of his movements ?

incognitofornow Wed 12-Oct-11 22:54:51

Message withdrawn

buzzskeleton Wed 12-Oct-11 23:07:28

If it's hard-going already, I'd just leave it.

inashizzle Wed 12-Oct-11 23:17:27

Bit risky as my sister was stalked somewhat during and after the relationship.Then there's the fact that you couldn't come and go as you please without that complete freedom. You could become a bit over nosey noticing his visitors/coming and goings and vice versa.Perhaps you might not be able to get rid when you want total peace as it may be too easy or him to nip round.Particularly if you have kids, they might not be able to avoid him so easily if the relationship dosn't last

On a brighter side if he is a chilled person, secure in himself, he shouldn't mind dating you in places away from your home area. You should by then pick up on if he is very needy, dependant or too pushy and so like any other man like that get rid!

If he seems the man of your dreams, how handy to have him at hand!! i often joke with o.h wouldn't it be nice if we each lived in seperate house two doors from each other. I tell him i'd lend him a cup of sugar often yet we'd have totaly our own space.Good luck!

izzywhizzysfritenite Thu 13-Oct-11 00:03:01

Finding 'the man of your dreams' is surprisingly easy; the hard bit is subsequently discovering that they are more suited to your nightmares.

I have become very close How close is very close? Close enough to have had a shag?

Greatdomestic Thu 13-Oct-11 13:45:26

No I wouldn't, for some of the reasons detailed above.

I've seen a couple of relationships between neighbours go very wrong in the past - checking each others comings and goings, who was coming and going from their house and when etc.

My advice to you is a big, fat NO - don't do it.

JeffTracy Thu 13-Oct-11 14:13:45

No, def not. If you saw my neighbours you wouldn't even ask!

belcantwait Thu 13-Oct-11 14:16:06

I did many years ago. We have nowbeen married 11 yearsand have 3 dc smile

BelleRomford74 Thu 13-Oct-11 14:21:42

I have 1st hand experience in this very subject... A friendship with a neighbour (he lives in flat above mine)!!!! slowly turned into more.. we used to chat over coffee, then progressed to watching DVD's, me doing him dinner etc.. then 1 night after a few too many glasses of wine we admitted to each other there was mutual attraction but neither of us wanted a relationship so it turned into a casual sexual relationship.. very nice & lots of fun..(saved on cab fares!!) ;) ..... a few months in I discovered I was pregnant & decided to keep the baby knowing it would'nt mean we would make things more serious but I thought we could both be adult about things & work out a plan & stay friends!! ....How wrong I was, he has not spoken to me for nearly 4 months & will turn his head if we bump into each other!!!! I am now 21 weeks pregnant & his rejection hurt like hell but I am in a much better place now but hate having to live so close to someone who has hurt me so much!! & wonder how I am going to cope having him so nearby if he continues to have this attitude towards his baby!!! But I will survive & so would you if your relationship goes tits up!!... I do believe life is too short not to grab any chance of happiness you can!!! My situation may change in the future & we may end up a happy little family or he may carry on being an arse...who knows it's in the hands of fate!! This neighbour may be your "the one" you will never know til you try & honestly if it don't work then how often do you have to see him??!! Good luck what ever you decide! xx

cumbria81 Thu 13-Oct-11 15:59:34

I am currently shagging my neighbour

it's rather fun as I can just pop down the road whenever I've got a bit of time and don't have to make huge plans to see him

the downside is if I don't want him to know I'm in I have to sprint past his house when coming home.

Booooooyhoo Thu 13-Oct-11 16:00:45

dont shit on your own doorstep. wink

GirlWithALlamaTattoo Thu 13-Oct-11 21:30:21

I did! I was nervous about it all going wrong and having to plant a really big hedge, but we took the risk and it paid off and now we're living together and planning the future... smile

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