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Do I take DD out of pre-school, even though it has been good for her?

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welshbyrd Mon 10-Oct-11 09:48:32

DD 2.5yrs. Has been going for about 6 weeks now, 2 days a week.

1st week we both went for 30mins, 2nd day 45mins, gradually me leaving sitting outside [sneaking off without her seeing me, but being in the building in case she become too upset]

2nd week, she clung to me for 20 minutes, then would play with the activities, but checking every minute or so to make sure I was still there. When she was engrossed, Id make a run for it . I would stand outside door, for 5 minutes, just to make sure she was ok [I could hear her cry for a minute, then she would stop]

Its been the same for the last 4 weeks, last Monday, after DD clinging to me, crying if I was not close enough to her etc [she knew I would be leaving her], discussed it with one of the members of staff, and we agreed her next day in [Wednesday], I would just drop her in, would not actually enter the room, but send her in the doors and leave, she cried, again only for a minute.
When Im gone after intial crying for a minute, she is fine.

However, she does not play with the other children, if a child approaches her she walks away. She will not sit on the group table for snack, she sits on a sofa on her own nearby. Staff have told me she does not like a fuss, and when she is crying she does not like the staff approaching her.

She is supposed to be in this morning, she loves Minnie mouse, DS sent a Minnie dress up yesterday[it had belonged to one of my nieces] DD said she wanted to wear it this morning [she was so excited about this dress, she loves Minnie mouse, and loves dressing up]. This morning she is refusing to get changed, saying she wants to stay in her PJs, and does not want to wear the dress, nor does she want to go to school. Its to late to send her now.

I was weary before she started the pre-school, was not sure she was ready for it, told staff this, and agreed to see how she goes.
Every time I pick her up she is happy to see me, is happy, says she loved it, and tells me what she has done

The problem is DD behavior has improved leaps and bounds since she started the nursery. Basically DD has run rings around me and DH since birth, she still wakes in the night, she is bossy, demanding, and sometimes very hard-work
What do I do? pull her out? wait until Wednesday and see what happens? Or give it longer? Try again after Christmas?

fannybaws Mon 10-Oct-11 09:58:58

Hi OP I would keep going and I am pretty soft.
The fact that her behaviour has improved coupled with the fact that she told you she enjoys it, means that she is probably just worried about the leaving moment.
I would not worry about her not joining in yet, that takes time at that age.
Good luck.

solidgoldbrass Mon 10-Oct-11 10:01:51

My DS used to cry when going to nursery and the nursery staff advised me to carry on sending him as he was happy throughout the day (they would show me pictures they had taken of him playing, eating and grinning away). Given that you say you can hear how quickly she stops crying, I think it would be best to keep sending her. THe crying is more protest than anguish by the sound of it.

pugmill Mon 10-Oct-11 10:14:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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