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carantala Sun 09-Oct-11 00:36:26

Why are there hardly any replies? Poor girl is desperate!

tallwivghoulies Sun 09-Oct-11 00:44:09


Summary: OP has a new baby and DH doesn't 'get it'.

carantala - you did a nice thing there.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Sun 09-Oct-11 06:09:06

It seems that suggestions have been made and questions have been asked, and the OP needs to come back before more of us join the thread.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Sun 09-Oct-11 06:11:00

Why didn't you just 'bump' the original post, caratula? It gets confusing if there are 2 threads going about the same subject/issue.

carantala Sun 09-Oct-11 07:01:17

Sorry izzy I am not computer literate; actually have no idea how to "Bump" don't even know what it means. Was concerned about OP and lack of response but tallwivghoulies did a link so the poor girl may be getting some help now!

You obviously know what you are doing so maybe you can "kill" this post or somehow connect it to OP! No need for anyone to be on here now - should I ask for it to be deleted?

ScarahStratton Sun 09-Oct-11 11:42:27

Carantala it was lovely of you to help. smile

Bumping a thread just means writing 'bump', so it goes back to the top of the page. Don't worry about that though, it doesn't matter.

eToTheiPi Mon 10-Oct-11 23:09:12

I've replied, thank you so much x

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