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Can i ask a question???

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M0naLisa Sun 02-Oct-11 23:35:27

What is the difference between men watching porn and women having a vibrator??

I see lots of times on here posters posting for advice on their partners web browsing history i.e Porn related sites but yet they say 'they have a vibrator'

I am just curious as to know what the difference is, and i obviuously know that the vibrator is a piece of plastic or jelly substance (Yknwim?) and porn being a sex industry that exploits woman (?) - the home movie made porn inst though so lets say:

whats the difference between a man watching someones posted home movie on a porn site and a woman having a session on her bed with a vibrator alone?

Me personally i cant see a difference.

PamBeesly Sun 02-Oct-11 23:38:37

To me M0naLisa the masturbating person with the vibrator isn't using a piece of material where someine is being exploited (usually women) the porn industry is notoriously criminal too. By using porn, people are supporting the industry. I wish I had links, but I've watched lots of documentaries about the porn industry and some of it is awful, the exploitation is so sad

windsorTides Sun 02-Oct-11 23:50:20

Well, if you take a leap of faith and pretend that a porn user only ever watches home-made stuff on the web, as a consumer you still have no idea whether the performers have been co-erced into this activity, whereas masturbation with a vibrator and an imagination as aids, exploits no-one.

The threads you read about however, usually detail use of misogynist porn by a consumer who has no idea how it was made, couldn't care less anyway and will use it as a substitute to a sexual relationship with his partner.

ToxicMoxie Mon 03-Oct-11 00:05:25

Getting turned on by and fantasizing about another person, that's the problem. Masturbating isn't bad, but not using your partner as the subject is troubling. The exploitation issue aside, using porn for masturbation is (in my experience for men and women) detrimental to the emotional connection between partners. If your partner isn't the subject of your fantasy, why not?

Figuring that out is the key to a good partnership, I think. I have no data to back that up, but that is my personal experience.

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