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questions for those divorced RE housing

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Butterfly75 Fri 30-Sep-11 08:55:00

Hi i am considering separating from my H and as mercenary as this sounds the decision is going to have to be based on finances. i have looked at law website and i think best option for me and my 2yr old Ds would be an arrangement whereby we stayed in the house and delayed sale until he has left secondary school. along time i know but cannot afford to buy him out.

what i need to know is is it possible to do this if i cannot get mortgage based on my wages alone? i could meet payments with wages and tax credits.

Wisedupwoman Fri 30-Sep-11 18:58:22

Have you discussed this with your H? What is the quality of the relationship like? You don't say whether the mortgage is in your, or both names as that will make a difference to your options.
I ask because if the separation is likely to be amicable (and the mortgage is in both names) he may agree to stay on the title deeds until the DS is 18 and a charge may be put on the house for a percentage split when it's sold, thereby guaranteeing your H a claim on the equity in exchange for allowing you to remain in it and paying the mortgage.

I think you should seek legal advice and independent advice from a mortgage broker before you make any decisions though.

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