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what do you look like?

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livingonthedge Thu 29-Sep-11 18:43:17

am curious - if anyone wants to say - I am average height (5 foot 4 inches), smallish build (size 12) dark hair, fair skin and either really scruffy or very smart (don't really do in between [grins])

livingonthedge Thu 29-Sep-11 18:45:06

should have previewed that one grin by smallish size 12 I mean sometimes a 8 or 10, sometimes 12 depending on retailer

AnyFucker Thu 29-Sep-11 18:53:03



no curves, no bum, no boobs

mousy, short hair (enhanced a bit artificially)

mostly a jeans, slouchy t shirt and Birkies wearer

thought to be attractive rather than pretty

in actual fact, old gimmers often mistake me for a "young man" grin especially when viewed from the back

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 29-Sep-11 19:01:14

average height
flat tum but no bum or hips
fair skin, bobbed dark hair
can be described as handsome or attractive - never has been pretty or beautiful
live in jeans (preferably skinny), t-shirts/hoodies/long jumpers

bubblegumpop Thu 29-Sep-11 19:03:17

Medium build not slim, not fat. In between with curves.

I'm short. 5"3.

Feathered blonde long bob. Manicured fingers and toes.

Out of the house smartish. In the house scruff in pjs.

Supposedly pretty but too knackered to care half the time. As long as I look clean and tidy.

KatieScarlett2833 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:03:56


FabbyChic Thu 29-Sep-11 19:04:05

Pic on profile. 5ft 2" small, a stone overweight, size 12 bottom half 14/16 top half (big boobs). Shoulder length brown hair, glasses.

izzybiz Thu 29-Sep-11 19:05:33

About 5'4
Size 16, big boobs, big bum!
Longish red/brown hair
Clear skin
Have been told I'm beautiful a few times,
I look like this hmm

wonkylegs Thu 29-Sep-11 19:06:57

Short 4'11
Small hourglass figure 8-10 with horrible legs
Very long wavy blonde hair, fair, freckles & blue eyes
Some people think I'm pretty ... I'm less convinced (huge body issues following disability sad)
I do have a fab flat stomach tho which returned pretty much on it's own after DS so I shan't complain grin

spanky2 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:07:02

Tall 5'8
Need to lose a stone from my middle, size 16
Brown, graduated bob
Painted toenails
Make-up, but natural look

wonkylegs Thu 29-Sep-11 19:08:54

Meant to say more comfortable smart than casual for years I didn't really 'get' jeans

spanky2 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:09:09

My tum is wobbly, with the texture of a nobbly bobbly. Thanks, ds2!

headfairy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:09:58

size 16 (but I tell myself I carry it well grin)
Blonde (fake)
Large boobs (real)
Huuuuge feet (size 10)
Fair(ish) skin which tans easily (my dago blood)
Blue eyes
Usually pretty scruffy because I don't have to dress up for work, occasionally pull the stops out and make it to vaguely presentable.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 29-Sep-11 19:10:26

Short, fat, very pretty, massive norks.

Bluebelle38 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:11:55

Blonde (naturally a mousy brown)
Blue eyes
Big boobs
Size 12
Long legs
Usually dress smart casual, not really into suits. For the weekends, I'll stay in my PJs as long as I can if at home smile

MumGoneCrazy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:12:16

Very short 5th
Overweight 12st size 16/18
Big boobs big bum big belly (and quite saggy after c-sections) 1 positive is that I have a waist that you can see that goes in
Dark brown hair that's just below my shoulders, blue eyes, plush looking when wearing make up which isn't very often
I'm a jeans and trainers girl as I find it very hard to find nice clothes to fit/suit my weird shape
Think I may still have a pic on my profile but not sure as I use my phone to mumsnet these days smile

MumGoneCrazy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:13:25

That meant to be 5ft blush stupid predictive text grin

MumGoneCrazy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:14:25

Damn predictive text I just noticed another mistake blush okish not plush grin

squeakytoy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:14:49

Pic on profile, and I may as well copy fabbys post.. as my description is identical apart from the glasses!

RumourOfAHurricane Thu 29-Sep-11 19:16:43

Message withdrawn

TidyDancer Thu 29-Sep-11 19:18:00

5'5" (so pretty average really!).
Long curly brown hair (both colour and curls natural), green eyes.
Quite substantial in the chest area, but roughly a size 10-12 in clothes.
Style (haha) wise, I'm quite happy slobbing around the house in my trackies and vest, but will at least sling on a pair of jeans and cardi for the school run (snob). grin

verytellytubby Thu 29-Sep-11 19:18:45

Blonde (highlighted as went mouse a few years ago)
Blue eyes
Size 12 with very wobbly tummy as twins fucking ruined it grin

squeakytoy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:23:09

I spent too many years having to wear smart business suits, so I now live my life in jeans, gym clothes and vest tops... and still channel my rock chick image when I go out! grin

akaemmafrost Thu 29-Sep-11 19:24:50

Size 10/12, size 10 fits but shows a few bulges i would rather hide
Round face
Long blonde bob with fringe, naturally mid brown hair though
Blue eyes
Prefer to dress comfortably for every day, hoodies, joggers etc but scrub up pretty well for a night out.

Phoenixx Thu 29-Sep-11 19:26:40

5 foot 7, blonde hair, tan, horrible apple shaped body with a pudgey belly and I am as blind as a bat and cant see without my super strength contact lenses. Try to be fashionable without being too wacky for my age (37) I would change most things about my appearance if I could!

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