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DH and I have been married for 4 years next week...what can I buy?

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Pavlovthecat Thu 15-Sep-11 20:51:58

I beleive the traditional 'thing' is linen. but have also read that plants/flowers are a good thing too.

Well we are getting into our plants so have decided that rather than getting each other a present we will buy a plant/tree/something like that for our home.

We have a small dark outside space which we are trying to brighten with plants that smell lovely (lavender, jasmine) and herbs to make it a smelly herb garden, we get some area with partial shade/sun (gets full sun but for only part of the day) and a lot of the yard is shaded by our building so is dark/quite shady and it is patio so needs to be in pots (it is sw facing but live in terrace with lots of building shadow due to small yards)

Also we want indoor plants, but have a gardener for a 22 month old son. We do however have our bedroom in the loft conversion which is very sunny, with skylight windows that are often open, but it is quite warm/dry.

So. The question is, what should we get? please suggest or recommend some lovely plants that are hardy and will grow with us?

FabbyChic Thu 15-Sep-11 22:39:06

Hey post this in chat for more responses.

Pavlovthecat Fri 16-Sep-11 18:07:55

you reckon? I will on a friday won't i?!

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