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Any advice to help salvage a holiday please?

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heidipi Thu 15-Sep-11 09:51:15

Oh god. Am on hol in Cornwall with DP and 10m DD. 2 days to go and it's not going well.

Poor DD has the latest in a succession of colds plus a rattle cough and viral conjunctivitis, poor love. She also hasn't been sleeping well the last couple of months and it's got worse here - doesn't like travel cot, blackout stuff I brought only covers half the acreage of bloody windows, wakes herself up coughing etc. Won't nap in the mornings.

This is basic stuff that DP and I should be able to cope with and we're not, which is making me worry for us. We went abroad in May and fell out badly there because of a stupid thing - I didn't know til we got there we had to check out of flat 10 hrs before flight, didn't have enough bottles, cartons etc to cover all feeds, he refused to get involved in solving it, massive barney.

Basically he thinks I should relax more about logistical stuff - packing, food, feeds etc. I think I could if he didn't leave it all to me and that if somebody didn't think about this stuff in advance then nobody would have much fun.

I wish I could be serene and organised and make it all look easy but I don't seem to be able to.

At home I only work 1 day a week at the moment so childcare is mainly me and so naturally I do most of the stuff and am more familiar with what needs doing. He does loads with DD, puts her to bed most nights etc but gives himself a huge pat on the back for this, meanwhile I'm cooking, tidying up, sorting washing etc.

I'm rambling now, basically I don't want to ruin another holiday but don't know how to avoid it. We need to clear the air but how to do it? He has taken DD for a walk so she sleeps while I shower.

I am possibly a bit nuts from lack of sleep, sorry.

Any advice gratefully appreciated - if I don't come back for a bit it's because we've gone out. Thanks so much. Aargh.

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