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For all the lonely people

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WouldLikeAFriendOrTwo Wed 14-Sep-11 16:59:57

So...ive read a few threads recently about people being lonely, and have decided to stand up and say "I have no friends" I have a DH and a DS and a DM, but that is all. I know there must be some people on here that would make a great friend, and that I could be a great friend to, but how would I ever know.

Wondered if this was a way to start the ball rolling, a bit of simple information about ourselves, then if we think someone would make a good friend / has similar interests, we could PM them?

I will start

Im in my mid 30's
I live in the NW of UK, in warrington
I have 2 Teenagers
I am married
My hobbies change to suit my mood
Favourite TV programme is Desperate Housewives

Anyone want to join me?

- am a regular but namechanged

Punkatheart Wed 14-Sep-11 17:13:20

Older than you
Recently abandoned by OH
Live near Reading
One teenager
Fav programme: True Blood

You can come here if ever you want to talk or say hello and tell us what you have been up to....

mairyhinge Wed 14-Sep-11 17:15:49

Good idea!
I'm 41
Have 15 yr old daughter, 9 yr old son, 24 yr old stepdd
My hobbies are reading,sleeping (lol) and socialising, (don't do much of that tho)
Fave tv programme Corrie, The apprentice, Supernatural
Oh and I live in North West too, Huddersfield.

Definately want to get a freind or two who have same principals as me!

TartanKitty Wed 14-Sep-11 19:39:21

I'm 27. Live in Fife.

Have 15wk old son so life pretty much revolves around him at the moment.

Am a local newspaper journalist but considering not going back after maternity leave and hoping to stand for election as a councillor (SNP) and do that instead.

Interested in politics, enjoy cooking and am a Brownie unit leader.

Despite being quite a feisty person and trying to get out and join local mum&baby groups I have suffered from depression for years so find it hard to believe people would want to be my friend therefore such relationships tend to fizzle out as I don't/can't push them forward.

FabbyChic Wed 14-Sep-11 19:41:24

I moved 7 years ago to a place that I have made no friends in, I also have no family close by, I haven't talked to any member of my family for nearly three years.

I do have work colleagues but don't intereact with them outside of work.

WouldLikeAFriendOrTwo Thu 15-Sep-11 10:37:44

Tell us more Fabby.. where abouts do you live? What work do you do? I also moved to where I am about 8 years ago, and my nearest family member is an hour away.

Spuddybean Thu 15-Sep-11 16:26:56

Hi All

I'm 34, live with DP (who travels a lot), i live near Milton Keynes, i am interested in politics (i'm a socialist), history and art. And i basically inhale history/art documentaries. I like a drink! and discussing social issues with people (i don't mind a healthy disagreement!). DP and i are ttc (since June).

rentaroom Thu 15-Sep-11 22:43:52

Your boys are gorgeous Fabby. Don't know if they'd appreciate having their photos on here though.

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