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What would you think if new man said this in a text?

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LordLucas Sun 11-Sep-11 22:19:33

Say you've been seeing someone for a few weeks. He works in public services, responsible job etc, everytime you've met him he's been well mannered, polite, funny etc. You send him a text tonight asking "what time do you want to meet on Wednesday?" and he replies with "Whatever time you're free :-) just let me know and I'll be all over it like a fucking hurricane x"

I don't know what to think because that just doesn't sound like him at all.

smartyparts Sun 11-Sep-11 22:20:32

I would think it a bit puerile. And weird.

Maybe he's drunk?

BluddyMoFo Sun 11-Sep-11 22:21:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheOriginalFAB Sun 11-Sep-11 22:22:56

The over it would piss me off.

I suppose it dpends if you have shagged him or not yet.

Doha Sun 11-Sep-11 22:23:15

I would laugh too BluddyMoFo

LordLucas Sun 11-Sep-11 22:24:43

I did laugh when I read it but it sounds so far from the image I had of him, I find it a bit disorientating if that makes any sense? he's never swore in front of me or around me before. Not that I'm offended by it, it just seemed a bit odd.

Annpan88 Sun 11-Sep-11 22:24:53

I just think maybe he's trying to be funny and sort of missed the mark? Imo he sounds like he's maybe trying to impress you?

craftyknickers Sun 11-Sep-11 22:25:48

hmmmm if you had that sort of banter to begin with then i would laugh but it sounds like its come as a shock to you.

If it isnt likeh him just send a lighthearted message back asking if he is ok. See what he says back that might give you more to go on.

cecilyparsley Sun 11-Sep-11 22:28:01

I'd cringe and keep it in my mental list of things that might just be red flags.
Had he said 'just let me know & I'll be there like a shot' or similar that'd be fine, but the 'it' and the 'fucking' I'm not keen on!

vigglewiggle Sun 11-Sep-11 22:28:27

I would probably reply "charming!" and wait to see what his response was with interest.

BluddyMoFo Sun 11-Sep-11 22:29:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cecilyparsley Sun 11-Sep-11 22:34:57

it IS very easy to take text messages completely the wrong way...I find blush

craftyknickers Sun 11-Sep-11 22:37:18

i would take the 'it' as ill be there in a shot. so yes texts can be taken in all sorts of contexts.

ive taken a few texts the wrong way before blush so its easily done!

AnyFucker Sun 11-Sep-11 22:37:53

I would do a mental hmm but wouldn't think too much about it just yet

texts can be a strange thing, best not to rely on thinking you have the whole context in a text, IMO

and that works both ways too...beware the lovely-dovey shite done via's just too easy, isn't it ?

thisisyesterday Sun 11-Sep-11 22:40:11

yes i would have taken "i;'ll be all over it" to mean "i'll make sure i am there"

coffeeinbed Sun 11-Sep-11 22:41:43

He's keen, he's trying to be funny and he's trying to keep the conversation topics open.
Give him a chance.

TheTamingOfTheShrew Sun 11-Sep-11 22:48:56

I thought the same as bluddy mo fo, praps you should ask if the 'it' was meant to be there?

DragonsEx Sun 11-Sep-11 22:51:53

If it wasn't the way he usually spoke when with you, I would maybe assume it was a mate that had sent it as a joke smile

Bogeyface Sun 11-Sep-11 22:51:57

Wouldnt bother me at all! I think I would laugh and be pleased that he was keen.

garlicbutty Sun 11-Sep-11 22:52:23

Are they all blokishly dynamic in his office? It just sounds to me like an "action" thing - and, yes, weird in the context of a date arrangement. It's the sort of bollocks some people say at work, though. Could have been mixing up his 'languages'.

Interesting bit of insight, hey? He's been giving you his Sunday best!

Bogeyface Sun 11-Sep-11 22:52:50

And dont forget that people very often find it easier to say things in a text that they wouldnt say in person. So perhaps he isnt a verbal swearer but does swear occasionally in texts.

Doha Sun 11-Sep-11 23:04:00

Ok slight detour here but when l "discovered" my brother on genes reunited we were both on our best behaviour, very polite and proper. One day l swore - and l can't remember why) but he laughed and was very relieved that l wasn't so polite and proper after all blush. I was then able to be myself.
So l would say perhaps he is just feeling a bit more confortable with you and is keen to see you again.

solidgoldbrass Sun 11-Sep-11 23:11:14

I'd be inclined to think he's heard the phrase somewhere and thinks it's cool or funny. If he's nice in other ways then FFS don't get your undies in such a bundle over a throwaway remark which isn't hostile or insulting even if you are the sort of person who needs to have a lie down in a darkened room if someone says 'Damn' near you.

garlicbutty Sun 11-Sep-11 23:26:51

if you are the sort of person who needs to have a lie down in a darkened room if someone says 'Damn' near you


MilkandWine Sun 11-Sep-11 23:33:47

I think he might be trying to be cool and funny but he's totally missed the mark. If he seems nice in other ways then I wouldn't be too concerned. Texts are funny things. I remember when I first met my very mild mannered and shy ex DP. One night he sent me a text saying 'I bet you look hot as fuck in your riding clothes'. I was taken aback as it was so out of character. When I asked him he just told me he was trying to be flirty but didn't know how to go about it very well.

So yeah I would let it go for now, if he continues texting in that vein I would mention it but if it's just a one off then give him the benefit of the doubt.

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