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Please help - impending divorce

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gonenative Fri 09-Sep-11 21:28:37

Hello all

Sadly, for a number of reasons, it seems increasingly inevitable that my husband and I are going to split up. Things are currently pretty amicable, and there are no other parties involved.

We have 2 daughters, aged 7 and 2, who are really the only reason we have stayed together for as long as we have, and I am so worried about the effect our separation will have on them.

We will continue to live close to each other and the children will likely spend alternate weekends and 1/2 weeknights with him.

I wondered if any of you that have been through this type of separation could give me some advice on how to best deal with this? How have your children coped? Is it possible to divorce without making the kids deeply distressed and unhappy?

Thanks for your time.

letitlie Fri 09-Sep-11 22:14:15

Hi gonenative,

Yes it is possible to manage it without the kids being distressed and unhappy. Mine were 8,6, and 2 at the time, we are now over 4 years down the line and they are happy well-adjusted children. I have maintained an amicable relationship with XH and my DC have similar arrangements in seeing him. I think establishing the access routine is important as the regular contact means they never go too long without seeing their dad.

It will work outself out in the end, take care and feel free to pm me smile

FabbyChic Fri 09-Sep-11 22:30:31

Children do cope, never slag off the absent parent to them and try to always speak of them in a good light.

Seperation is better for children when the living together becomes uncomfortable and hard to bear for both parties.

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