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Need Advice re DS's new baby

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Orchidlady Thu 08-Sep-11 10:24:56

Really need some advice as I no experience in this. DS who is 20 and still living @ home and his GF who is 18 are expecting a baby which is due in Jan. Both work but on very low incomes and of course she will need to give up work when the baby is born. Atm they live between my house and hers ( she lives with mum and dad)but is not reallly feasible to stay in either place once the baby is born ( not that I would make them homeless) but they really would like to make a go of it as a family in their own place. Trouble I would like to give them advice about what they are entiled to, none of us have any experience on how to go about getting help for them, I would be really grateful for any pointers. DS is on minium wage and wants to continue working but there is no way he is able to support a family. BTW he is over the moon about the baby.

GeekCool Thu 08-Sep-11 10:40:26

Firstly congratulations! Lovely news grin

First stop should be either CAB or the entitledto website which will help work out what they will get.
You (as good as) DIL should check her company maternity policy as well.

Orchidlady Thu 08-Sep-11 10:50:44

Thanks I will check it out. From what I can see if they go by the book it is unlkely they will be able to survive, the other problem is DS is about to have an operation that will put him on sick pay for some time. Can't seem to understand how other people seem to secure 3 bed houses with all expenses paid and never worked a day in their life, are we missing something?

LadyLapsang Thu 08-Sep-11 12:26:11

Can you and the GF's family help them with a deposit to rent a small flat, if they are on low incomes I expect they will get topped up with housing / council tax benefit.

Good that they both have work - think you need to do all you can to help that continue e.g speaking about taking maternity leave not 'giving up work'.

Orchidlady Thu 08-Sep-11 12:43:23

I would happily help them with a deposit, just want to really understand what help they can get om from there, I don't think they can get family tax credit under 25, her job is a bar job so probably not much due from there. Maybe she would be better to get place a single mum, as I say I have not got a clue never claimed a thing in my life. But surely this is a situation where the system should help young people who want to continue working but need a top, I suspect this is not going to be easy. Please anyone with practical advise greatly appreciated,

sleepevader Thu 08-Sep-11 12:57:41

I can assure you whilst they won't be rich they certainly Wont be poor either. Tax credits, child benefit and partial housing benefit will all support them to top up wages.

Unfortunately this won't be the case til baby arrives.

Until then unless they can afford a small flat best they save and say at home.

sleepevader Thu 08-Sep-11 13:00:12

I do agree that they need up go to cab of a young persons advisory centre. They need up do this so they take responsibility for receiving the info although you could offer to accompany them.

Also they could apply to go on social housing register. If both parents write letter stating living situation can not continue they will get a higher banding.

sleepevader Thu 08-Sep-11 13:02:38

Regarding mothers work- childcare costs are covered by tax credits which I expect given their low incomes they would get full help with.

Also sure start maternity grant (£500) once tax credits awards made but claim when baby here as timescale of claiming is within 3 mths of birth.

Naoko Thu 08-Sep-11 13:15:53

They'll get child tax credit (it's working tax credit you have to be over 25 for, not child tax credit) and child benefit once the baby arrives. Depending on how low their income is, they might also get a certain amount from housing-and council tax benefit. If you are willing and able to help with a deposit, I'd say that is definitely the best route for them - it'll certainly be much quicker and easier than expecting the council to house them. If your DS is working, and his girlfriend goes on maternity leave - which, I agree, is a far more helpful term in this instance than 'giving up work' - , between that and the child tax credit/benefit they'll be able to manage, especially if they're happy to fit out a flat with second hand/freecycled/donated by kindly relatives goods.

The child tax credit and benefit they're definitely entitled to, and the forms should not be too complex. The housing - and council tax benefit might be more awkward, but again, just have them fill out the forms once they've found a place (maybe with a little help from you) and support them through the red tape. I know when I was dealing with benefits red tape and the whole thing went tits up, ranting on the phone to my dad and then listening to his calm suggestions about what I could try next to sort it out was very valuable. He didn't and couldn't do it for me, but it was good to know he was there and listening. If you end up having any trouble, Citizens' Advice might be helpful; they tend to have immense knowledge of the system and often one phonecall from them is more productive than a month of increasingly angry letters from us.

Oh, and congratulations! smile

sleepevader Thu 08-Sep-11 13:21:25

Wtc is available for under 25s if they have children. It's only over 25 if no children.

Orchidlady Thu 08-Sep-11 13:27:28

Thanks guys, helpful advice. Sorry for sounding thick but how do they go about applying for Child tax credit. I will get them to look @ the the web site. The baby is due in Jan so guess we have a little time, just a bit difficult what to do first.

monoid Thu 08-Sep-11 13:35:40

Congratulations smile
I would definitely say that they should apply for council/housing association housing as the rent is sooooo much cheaper. It will help if it isn't realistically possible for your ds & gf & their child to live at either your house or gf's parent's house. Hang on for that because the council are very good at repairs/upgrading the houses etc. as well. Private landlords don't have the same obligations. Get their names down on the council list pronto!
Use this benefit checker:
benefit checker
to see what help they will be entitled to when the baby comes. It might be tight, but then (depending on what your ds does) he may be earning more at some point in the future. My brother was on minimum wage when in a similar situation to your ds, and he managed to make ends meet and has now had a number of pay rises that makes their lives a lot better. He also works more hours around Christmas.
It won't be easy, but with budgetting, it will be doable.
I think that before the baby is born, ds's gf should be entitled to some income support as she is pregnant - but it may depend on your ds's income.

monoid Thu 08-Sep-11 13:39:47

To claim tax credits, you need to phone 0845 300 3900. You need to have information, such as national insurance number and work details. List of information you need to claim is here

monoid Thu 08-Sep-11 13:51:35

I was meant to say earlier, ds's gf should be entitled to some income support as she is pregnant if she isn't working and not entitled to maternity pay

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