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Really annoying myself and all over a man!!!

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ginnyjeans Mon 05-Sep-11 20:57:50

I'm so fed up of myself. I saw a great funny guy from April to June and it was very up and down (have posted before) as he kept saying he didn't want a relationship as he was only six weeks out of a 20 year relationship when I met him (he's 41) but would then still chase me and on and on it went. I was just out of a long term marriage (divorced in March) and thought, ok we can have fun, I know whats what. But blow me I got so sucked in. Anyway, we saw each other one final time in July when I text him one night and He came round for coffee only but then totally put the moves on me! Anyway, It's been seven weeks since then and I haven't even had so much as a how are you. Which is probably best I know! But I still can't believe someone could be so full on, say they cared, how much they loved being with me and then - nothing. What we had was so intense and so unbelievably fun. We talked for hours (which I never had with xh). I know I need to get over it. What is up with me that I cannot get him out of my mind! It's driving me crazy!!

doigthebountyeater Mon 05-Sep-11 21:26:56

He is a bullshit artist. He will contact you again, that type always do, but you are worth more than being his plaything. It isnt what you want, HE isn't what you want, he isn't offering you what you want - so walk away now. Otherwise it will all end in tears (yours).

ginnyjeans Mon 05-Sep-11 21:43:25

Thanks. I know you are right. I'm like a flipping love struck teenager over this guy though and really, I know he is totally not for me. Maybe it's just a case of wanting what we can't have?? He's just what I was looking for in a lot of ways but of course, I want someone to commit and be loyal etc. etc. which he isn't wanting. Grrrrrrr!

cerealqueen Mon 05-Sep-11 21:56:21

i think he has spun you a line, he is just a player and unless you can play at that game too (by your post looks like not) then you need to try and move on. I'll bet the side you saw if him wasn't the real him anyway. I doubt you are ready anyway, are you?
Write a long email too him, (not for sending) get it all out, about what you think/feel, refine it and edit it every day to get it just perfect. After a week you'll be sick of your own thoughts and the fact you have wasted so much effort and emotional energy on him.

ginnyjeans Mon 05-Sep-11 22:34:39

Yea, I'm not good at the games. And very much a newbie at all of this I guess. I'm definitely ready for a relationship though I think. It's been 2 years since things went wrong with my ex, 18 months since we split, divorced March just gone. I'm definitely over all of that. It's this one that's annoying me!!

I may try to email (not for sending!). I'm just not the kind of person who lies, or who says things they don't mean so I guess I take people at face value and think they are like me, which I shouldn't. Although he did say (warn me - whatever) that he didn't want a relationship, his actions and words were otherwise. I just miss the contact I guess. I deleted his number etc. etc. thank goodness, or I'd be texting him for sure.

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