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Are these signs you are not over your Ex ~ despite insisting otherwise?

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waitingfornaru Tue 30-Aug-11 14:14:24

If you still have your Ex visit for their birthday and take them out to dinner, buy them tickets to a music concert (and go with them),
help them move house,
have them stay over when they visit your town (despite having their best friend just a few miles away who could potentially put them up), with most likely a larger property than the 1-bed flat you can offer them),
have photos of yourself and them on the Profile Page of your Facebook
~ although they are not your Fb Friend
~ and constantly talk about how you know they are not right for you,
have no interest in rekindling the relationship,
and that you feel insurmountable guilt that's led you to depression for the way you left them abruptly because you 'fell out of love','re not really over them are you?
Do you think you might even be working a way around of getting back with them?

SingOut Tue 30-Aug-11 15:02:57

Been where I'm guessing you are right now (having to listen to all this bollocks from someone else) and no, they are not over their ex. They may not be actively angling for a reunion with them, but they are almost certainly in denial about the extent of their feelings for said ex. Therefore, they are bullshitting themselves and you in one fell swoop. Wasted a year of my life on a total loser who did this, never again. If it looks like it isn't over (emotionally or physically) that because it probably isn't. Ignore the pretty words and instead look dispassionately and closely at what the actions are really saying. The actions you listed above are saying 'very much involved', and I'd only get entangled in the above situation if I was okay with an open relationship, because that's what it'd end up being anyway.
Good luck.

ChizChizChiz Tue 30-Aug-11 15:09:16

Naru, you're torturing yourself.

I said it on your other thread - any 'relationship' that starts off with this much angst is doomed to fail anyway.

He's not making himself emotionally available to you. It doesn't matter why.

Let him go.

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