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Speed dating advice

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Lovingsinglelife Mon 29-Aug-11 13:40:35

Has anyone done it? Am going tomorrow with a couple of friends, we have no idea what to expect, do you think about what you want to ask in advance? Think it will be a fun girls night out don't think any of us are hopeful of actually meeting anyone, or indeed there being any men there at all :-) !

mouldyironingboard Mon 29-Aug-11 16:39:20

My advice is to be yourself. Try to listen and talk in equal amounts while not always asking the obvious questions 'what do you do?' 'where do you live?' etc. Keep any conversation lighthearted but if you like someone it's ok to be a bit flirty with them. If there isn't anyone you want to see again just treat the evening as a fun night out.

I met my DP at speed dating so I would recommend it more than internet dating.

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