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feel like a 'hanger on' amongst two friends

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Bumblequeen Mon 29-Aug-11 12:28:49

Posted a similar post months ago but this is still an issue for me.

Grew up with A and we met B around the same time. B has become closer with over last few years. They have developed other friendships with people I do not know, therefore I am not in this circle. Friend A often speaks of B; how close they now are, how close she is with family members, how much they value her. I only hear of B's life through A, even big events such as a sibling emigrating or getting married is divulged to me second hand. I see B once a year and speak roughly four times a year. Over the past year I have initiated meeting up and at the last minute it was cancelled. I just feel completely on the outside and it is hurtful as we used to be close. I also feel guilty as B has not gone out of her way to hurt me, she has just formed a circle which I am not part of.

I have other friends so perhaps need to focus on those who are willing to include me in their lives. Perhaps when A updates me on B, I will listen for 5 mins then subtly changed the conversation.

Fairenuff Mon 29-Aug-11 12:52:51

I think you may have answered your own question there. I have not read your other thread but you started out in a friendship with A and you still have that friendship with A. B was around for a bit and although you met B first, the friendship didn't really develop between you two and has now more or less fizzled out. I agree that you should leave it and focus on your friendship with A and others.

Bumblequeen Mon 29-Aug-11 18:24:12

Thanks for your advice. Just feeling a bit low and sorry for myself.

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