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DHs work patterns driving me mad

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Poweredbypepsi Sun 28-Aug-11 10:27:59

He is self employed and works from home. He has an office in the house so when he is working he is locked away which means the kids an I get on with the day alone ( 4 kids aged 6,4,2and 1 and I am 14 weeks pregnant with dc5). This is fine BUT he is never NOT in that office, 7 days a week he says he has work to do gets up goes and sits on the computer, the thing is that he often seems to be watching films or tv prorammes he says he is working at the same time but he isn't. Yesterday for example I spent all day sorting out the kids rooms on my own he comes down in the evening saying he hasn't done any work because he "couldn't get into it" so he has been watching films etc instead!

I want to tell him that just because he does work doesn't mean he gets to hide away 24/7 he refuses point blank to agree on work times even though his job means he could easily do this. He refuses to agree to spend a day a week as a family. I am sick of spending all day on my own, not being able to plan anything because he won't be around even today Sunday, with no urgent projects due he is saying he "has to work".

How can I approach this in any other way as I say he refuses to set a time to spend as a family so what do I do? Just get on with life and leave him u there constantly?

justpaddling Sun 28-Aug-11 11:12:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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