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Mojo a gogo - any tips for finding it again???

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GetOutMyPub Wed 24-Aug-11 08:00:14

common enough problem,

I seem to have no/very little sex drive since having my 2 DC (both under 4) I am on the pill (jazmin) again, after reacting badly to copper coil.

Due to lack of sex, any slight physical attention that I give DH, means he becomes rather excited (like a puppy) and is all over me, which then puts me off. And so the cycle continues...

I miss sex too, and when we do get around to "it" it is always great. However, with no sex drive we are lucky to have sex once or twice a month!

Otherwise we have a great relationship, we are great friends & have always been able to talk through our issues but not this time.

any tips for mojo-boosting???

NameyMcName Wed 24-Aug-11 17:33:37

Okay so.... I am on Yasmin, have been since my daughter was about 9/10 months old. She is now 20 months - so about a year. I also feel like my sex drive has diminished significantly. I put it down to being tired/new baby etc. But she slept through at 11 weeks so it wasn't like interrupted sleep was the cause. Obv it is tiring anyway though! I also then thought my hormones are haywire and it could be my body adjusting etc.

However, I still feel like this. I also have a lot of breakthrough bleeding (can't link my pill packets anymore which I used to do all the time) and sometimes even bleed every two weeks (ie in the middle of a packet I start bleeding). Which leads my to conclude that this pill isn't working for me that well. I have googled lots today and found quite a few people complaining about lack of sex drive on Yasmin. Apparently it inhibits testosterone and androgen production, which obv have a lot to do with sex drive. So.... tomorrow I am going to the GP and will ask to change pills. My previous GP put me on Yasmin as I was having breakthrough bleeding after my daughter was born on Microgynon and it didn't get better even after 9 months. He said I would love this pill, and it does apparently have lots of good points but for me it doesn't seem to be the best.

I feel like sex but don't actually physically feel like it if you know what I mean?! Really hard to describe. Anyway I really think the pill could have something to do with it. Almost feel like have been living in a non sexual haze for a time! (We have sex once or twice a week and my husband works v long hours so it's not awful but I just don't feel like it like I used to)....

So not exactly a tip but it might be worth thinking about trying a different pill? Or maybe thinking about whether it got worse since being on Yasmin?

GetOutMyPub Thu 25-Aug-11 09:20:26

thanks for your reply - that is very interesting.

I have taken Jazmin on & off for about 10 years at least! I was on microgynon before that but changed to Jazmin when it was fairly new. I have also tried cerrazette (but didnt like the short window - hence DS2) and had a copper coil fitted (which I found hell)

"I feel like sex but don't actually physically feel like it if you know what I mean?" that is exactly how I feel! My brain really wants it, but then any touch or kiss really irritates me sad

So off to do some googling of my own & then a visit to GP

Thanks again

Narketta Thu 25-Aug-11 09:29:14

"My brain really wants it, but then any touch or kiss really irritates me"

I feel exactly the same, I love DH so much and really miss the old us. We have a fantastic relationship in every other way but sex is only happening about once a week. I want the old (rampant) me backblush as much as DH does but I don't know how.

Our DC are 3 and 5yrs so if my mojo isn't back yet I don't think it ever will besad

GetOutMyPub Thu 25-Aug-11 09:45:35

Narketta my two are 2 & 4, so like you I am starting to think "is this it?"

Will definately try a new pill - possibly even the mini-pill again & set an alarm or something.

I was also hoping that someone might have other advice, like I just read on google that anemia can diminish sex drive & suffered terribly with anemia whilst pregnant. I don't think that I am aneamic atm, but I still have some spatone that I am thinking of trying to pop up my iron levels to see if that makes a difference.

Narketta Thu 25-Aug-11 10:02:43

I honestly think that a lot of our problem is down to the fact that we can't be spontaneous anymore!

DH works from 10am until 11.30pm so when he gets home i'm to tired. When DH is around the kids are always there. We have no family help with childcare so nights out or time alone for us is a very rare luxury.sad

GetOutMyPub Thu 25-Aug-11 10:31:41

yes. yes to the spontaneous problem -

we tried "date night" but although I enjoyed us both making an effort, & spending actual quality time together, I felt that it turned me off sex as it felt too "staged" (if you get what I mean?)

Narketta Thu 25-Aug-11 10:41:41

I totally agree with you about the date night thing, We've also tried it and like you said it's lovely to just spend time together but I don't want to plan sex it takes all the fun out of it for me.

NameyMcName Thu 25-Aug-11 14:07:58

I agree too - We don't do date nights as such as weekends we usually have other stuff on and husband's hour during the week make it impossible anyway, but if we have a weekend away/night without our daughter I almost feel pressured into having sex because we should/can and then don't really feel like it! I feel ridiculous and want to want it again. Have a new pill as of today so will give that a go and see whether it makes any difference...

Doesn't help that he feels like it in the morning (when our daughter will wake up of course) and I feel like it at night - apparently quite common actually!

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