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How to tell extended family etc about separation?

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LawrieMarlow Tue 23-Aug-11 22:40:32

H and I separated in April. I had thought my mum and/or dad had told extended family about this but given the wedding anniversary cards that came a couple of weeks ago possibly not.

Have realised i don't want to get Christmas cards to all of us but as it is people I hardly ever see (just get Christmas and birthday cards from) it feels I need to let people know and am still a bit head in the sand about it. Don't really want to ask my parents to do it as it's not them who have separated. If I'd moved I could do change of address cards but am still here.

Suppose I could send v early Christmas cards but that really isn't what I do. I need someone to Market cards like new address ones but for lack of husband I think.

How did anyone here do it?

NB I realise I am over thinking but better this than tormenting myself about H and the OW tbh

limetrees Tue 23-Aug-11 22:51:39

Perhaps you can select one member of your extended family, perhaps an aunt or cousin, phone them and tell them and ask them if they would pass it on.

Sorry for your situation though, I know exactly how shit it is when H goes off with OW.

LawrieMarlow Tue 23-Aug-11 23:02:51

Thank you for replying smile Have remembered I am fb friends with some of my cousins so could let them know that way. That's only my dad's side of the family though - there's my mum's side too. And then my dad's siblings would presumably talk to him about it and I don't want my mum and dad having any more pain from it all.

Think I might send a short note to everyone I can think of soon(ish) and then at least it will be done. Am less concerned about Hs extended family sending things here - will just send them on to him.

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