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It can be done!!

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middleage Mon 22-Aug-11 09:19:33

I have posted on here about my relationship a few times and Im sure sometimes Ive been very muddled on thinking forward....

Second marriage-2 boys 15y and 13y....15yo with me ...13yo with Dad

H has aspergers (undiagnosed) 13yo also has autistic tendensies. They get on extremely well together and son happy living with Dad and i see him often.

Well I thought all good living apart and we had this strange sort of relationship where we were happier ........time has moved on...

Decided to use my money from sale of the house to buy my own....something I didn't think I could do alone..will have quite a big mortgage but paying high rent I thought i just as well take the plunge...I like interior design and you cannot put your own mark on a rented house.

Fast forward......realising that H will never change....the reason we split because of his behaviour (EA,MA) as well as aspergers which took me ages to discover.

I know that i have another life ahead....sometimes I do feel sad and wonder how will i ever get over this marriage/ Will I be alone for ever? It takes time dosen't it? Im no 'spring chicken' 50!!!! But on bad days I think of the really good 'stuff' in my life now....and hopefully one day I will meet someone, kind caring, humourus and who will enjoy the simple things that i enjoy.

Just wanted to share this and hear from others on this 'up and down' journey xxx

salsaprincess Mon 22-Aug-11 10:09:16

Thankyou for sharing smile) Please read my post - any advice would be gratefully received xxx

ineedabodytransplant Mon 22-Aug-11 10:12:42

well done you.

My wife and I decided a few months ago to go our own ways after 35 years. Although finances mean we still live in the same house although seperately. Doesn't make things easy.

Trying to sell the house so we can both do the same as you.

Wish you well in your new house/life and that someone special comes along very soon to share with you.

Good luck

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