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Finally given up on them

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dejavuaswell Sun 21-Aug-11 10:43:20

"Them" being an organisation with professional and amateur members. I'm tired of being treated like something they just trod in by the committee. When they got themselves into a mess I helped them out for 18 bloody hard months but I didn't ever get a thank you when I stopped. They love to boast about the discoveries being made by members but when I made a couple I stupidly told a committee member and the recognition (and minor fame) was stolen from me by this professional member. Ignored by him I contacted his university dept head and was ignored again.

I didn't learn my lesson. Two of us organised the annual conference and we spent months doing it. Did all our work get a mention in the Chair's speech or even a place on the top table for the Conference Dinner. No and no.

The bastards sucked me dry and so they can muck off.

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