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Getting over the past...

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GrownUpNow Fri 19-Aug-11 08:02:11

I was struck by a sudden urge to write this, it feels positive to me. I hope so.

For those who betrayed me, thank you for the knife you stuck into my back and through my heart. I learned to stem the flow of pain and heal. Now those I love benefit from the compassion and counselling I can offer.

I thank you for the barbs of your cruel words; I learned to hone my wit on their sharpened edge and to defend myself without attacking. I saw the impact of the written and spoken word, and that the ability to wound with it can be turned into the ability to inspire.

When you harmed me with your fists, bigger and stronger than I was, those dull blows changed my world. I learned that having power does not come from being physically stronger, though you may have believed this when you stood above me thinking I was broken down. Strength is when you stand up again afterwards and say enough is enough.

You may think you see a woman beaten, when I do not fight back against your accusations of being a liar, when I walk away from the fight to defend my name, when I do not engage you or acknowledge your existence, but I am not beaten. My victory comes from knowing that I am, and always will be, the better person. That I have risen so far above you, I cannot even see you.

I do not fear you, or respect you, or wish you well, but I thank you for shaping me. I am more because of you and I have found the peace that you never will whilst you continue to be a bully and a coward. I hope people see you for what you are and that they don't have to learn the hard way as I have.

Anniegetyourgun Fri 19-Aug-11 09:23:08

That's so sad, but also beautiful. I am very sorry for the child you were but admire the adult you are.

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